Halo Infinite Battle Pass preview


Halo Infinite’s multiplayer tech preview gave fans of the franchise A preview of what the game’s future battle pass system will look like. Comprising experience upgrades, challenge swaps, and customization options for Spartans, the Halo Infinite Battle Pass is a must-have for the gamer who wants to stand out on the loading screen and on the battlefield.

The battle pass shown in the tech preview consists of 30 levels to go through, which is rare for other games. Titles like Fortnite and Call of Duty have over 100 levels of their battle passes. However, titles like Teamfight Tactics and VALORANT have somewhat shorter passes at 45 and 50 levels.

Free Halo Infinite levels in the Battle Pass

Halo Infinite Level 1-6 Battle Pass | Provided by 343 Industries

The 30-level Battle Pass consists of 17 free levels, which means fans who don’t purchase the pass can unlock more than half of the total items available. Of those 17 free levels, nine of them are cosmetic options for the Spartans, including visors, armor skin, and armor pieces. In addition to these cosmetic items, players will also receive Challenge Swaps for completing the free portion of the pass. One item that is missing from the unpaid side of the pass is the experience boost, which is only available to players who purchase the pass.

Purchasable levels of Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Level 25-30 Battle Pass
Halo Infinite Level 25-30 Battle Pass | Provided by 343 Industries

Those who wish to purchase the Battle Pass for Halo Infinite will be able to unlock all eight Experience Boost Shards that are not available to free pass users. They will also receive additional visors, armor shaders, and helmets beyond what is available in free levels. What is missing from Halo’s Battle Pass are credits to purchase a Battle Pass the following season. The availability or not of these credits varies from one pass to another, depending on the title. In Fortnite and Call of Duty, players can claim back the credits they spent if they complete the pass. However, as in VALORANT and Teamfight Tactics, these credits are not refunded. Instead, a new currency for upgrades replaces them.


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