Gudetama and friends celebrate Easter in limited-edition donuts from healthy shop Floresta


Everyone’s favorite depressed egg is ready to spruce up your Easter breakfast!

Easter is coming, and that means it’s the season for colorful bunny and egg patterns. Even in Japan, pretty pastel Easter decorations are becoming popular, and honestly, who better to represent the Easter egg category than Gudetama, Sanrio’s raw egg lazy character? After all, it is the bright, springy color of yellow!

Okay, maybe he’s not the best representation of the Easter aesthetic, but we still love him, and he’s an egg, so there’s a connection there…

That’s why Japanese health and eco-conscious donut store Floresta has teamed up with Sanrio to produce Gudetama themed donuts for Easter! They will be released two rounds throughout the month of Apriland although the depressed and perpetually tired egg is usually too exhausted to muster the energy to do anything, he is actually making an effort this time around. put on a pair of bunny ears for the first round.

Him and his horny chick boyfriend Shakipiyo appear in a pair of round donuts that come with a donut hole shaped like either on top. On Gudetama’s donut is written “I’m so tired”, but he still does his best to wear his bunny ears and look lively. Meanwhile, Shakipiyo, in her eggshell pants, sits contentedly on her donut. The two donuts sell for 520 yen each (US$4.23) and are available now until April 12.

The second round includes a cup of glazed donut holes called “Koro Koro Cup” (“Roly-Poly Cup”). One of the donut holes is decorated to look like Gudetama’s grimacing face wearing what looks like Shakipiyo’s eggshell pants, and another features the face of Nisetama, who is a mysterious yet cheerful Sanrio character in a yellow bodysuit. Other donut holes in pretty Easter colors are also included. The mug will sell for 690 yen and will be available from April 13 to 24.

By the way, the yellow color of the coating on the donuts of Gudetama, Shakipiyo and Nisetama is actually made with kabocha powderwhich is produced from domestically sourced Japanese pumpkins and is mixed with Forester brand white chocolate dip. Although the pumpkin flavor doesn’t sing of spring, it still looks delicious! And of course, since Floresta takes pride in making each donut by hand, you know you’re in for a fresh, tasty treat.

Gudetama Easter donuts will be available in Floresta stores during their designated times, but all three can also be ordered online now until 11:59 p.m. on April 14, regardless of their in-store release dates. If you love Gudetama and want to try some delicious Gudetama-themed donuts, then you’ll want to visit your local Floresta store or order online soon!

Of course, this isn’t the first time Gudetama has appeared in edible form. We still hope that Gudetama McFlurry will return to McDonald’s Japan one day!

Source, images: PR Times
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