GF Piping Systems prepares to deliver the future fuel revolution


As one of the world’s leading providers of PE piping solutions, GF Piping Systems understands the market need for the tools, connection techniques and support needed to find the right solution for transporting hydrogen. The company is committed to helping reduce its emissions and those of its customers, and is already supporting industry in Australia and overseas with a number of hydrogen-ready products.

gF Piping Systems, a division of Georg Fischer Corporation, is one of the world’s leading providers of flow solutions, providing products that enable the efficient transport of fluids. The company specializes in plastic piping systems and system solutions, as well as services for all phases of a pipeline or rehabilitation project.

The company creates innovative and intelligent products and solutions for every flow application to ensure the preservation and safe transport of the world’s fluid resources. Connecting technology and people, for a better future together: GF Piping Systems creates connections for life.

Energy Revolution

In response to social and industrial interest in sustainable energy sources, GF Piping Systems has already taken steps to future proof its product range. The company offers a range of solutions for the transport of hydrogen, from production to storage, including transport and use.

The ability to serve this growing industry with a full range of solutions across the hydrogen supply chain uniquely positions GF Piping Systems as a one-stop-shop and partner. Supporting this new industry is facilitated by the company’s decades of experience in gas supply, industrial water treatment, as well as general fluid transportation in multiple industrial applications, water utilities /gas and building technology.

In addition, sustainability is a key pillar of Georg Fischer Corporation’s strategy, with the group actively contributing to the achievement of climate goals for its subsidiaries – such as GF Piping Systems – as well as for its customers and partners.

From a product perspective, the company is well placed to support hydrogen producers, asset owners and contractors as all of the piping solutions it offers are non-corrosive and certified by Kiwa, ensuring that building materials are safe for transporting hydrogen. This includes GF Piping System’s ELGEF Plus and MULTI/JOINT 3000 PLUS product ranges, which in addition to being certified by Kiwa are also certified by DBI, Germany as “H2 ready” for 100% applications. hydrogen.


An adaptable and customizable electrofusion polyethylene (PE) system for pressure piping systems, ELGEF Plus is suitable for gas, water, multiple industrial applications and now hydrogen. The system is corrosion free, lightweight, has high chemical resistance and provides extended service life.

Each individual fitting and each saddle are identical and when assembled form a reliable leak-proof connection, while different fittings can be arranged to create a number of different end combinations. Additionally, the modular nature of the system reduces the need for installers to keep an extensive range of inventory on hand.

ELGEF Plus fittings have been designed to be not only easy to use and install, but also safe and reliable. Fittings and raw construction materials undergo multiple quality tests and inspections to ensure the highest levels of Quality and Assurance (QA).

The product line includes bends and elbows; caps and ends; couplers and sockets; reducers; saddles; tees, Y-pieces and crosses; ball valves; as well as a range of tightening and installation, cutting and testing tools.


Introduced to the international market over 30 years ago, MULTI/JOINT 3000 PLUS has earned a reputation for quality and long life. The system easily connects pipes of distribution and transmission networks made of a wide variety of materials with a wide range of outside diameters.

With the MULTI/JOINT 3000 Plus system, gas and hydrogen or water pipe networks can be connected quickly, safely and simply without the need for special tools. With the flexibility of the system, meeting the specifications of a wide variety of materials or different pipe outside diameters is no longer a challenge.

Connections or repairs are made by means of a pull-out resistance system, eliminating the need to work with stops. Additionally, MULTI/JOINT 3000 PLUS is applicable with all pipe materials, offering a wide range of options for restrained and unrestrained connections.

Pipes and fittings are coated with a Resicoat® epoxy powder coating, which means that all MULTI/JOINT 3000 Plus products are corrosion resistant. They also feature easily accessible bolts and can be fitted without special tools. Tedious welding or clamping in difficult situations is no longer necessary.

The product line includes adapters and transitions; elbows and bends; caps and ends; couplers and sockets; flange connections; reducers; and a line of accessories to support installation processes.

Engineering and QA

GF Piping Systems products are backed by a number of after sales services to support and improve their performance.

This includes bespoke analysis packages that increase the efficiency of pipeline projects. The company’s customers have the choice between project analysis and advanced engineering, designed to provide support for every phase of the project.

Both packages draw on over 200 years of GF Piping Systems knowledge of the pipeline industry, guiding customers through the process.

The company also offers quality assurance systems that facilitate the safe and reliable transmission of hydrogen through pipelines, and are designed to indent and prevent damage before it occurs.

Both systems provide reliable, science-based pipeline network health data, giving operators and asset owners peace of mind for operations at all times. Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) provides point-of-installation testing options, while Line Condition Assessment (PCA) can be used during operations to acquire real-world data on the condition of piping systems.

Combined with industry-leading products, these services strengthen GF Piping Systems as the go-to supplier and service partner for pipes and fittings, and ensure they operate at peak capacity for as long as possible.

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This article originally appeared in the May edition of The Australian Pipeliner.


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