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For the most part, shopping online is quite interesting. You can get everything you need – groceries, bedding, pants, etc. – without ever having to leave your sofa. What could be better than having products from remote locations around the world brought right to your front door? In theory, it’s a fast and transparent process, with the exception of one frustrating flaw: passwords.

The most notable downside to shopping online (and generally anything to do with online activity) is having around 1 million different usernames and passwords and no chance to remember them. Sure, that’s a pretty basic problem, but it taints the entire online shopping experience – something Bolt, a new, easy-to-use online payment tool, is redesigning in one fell swoop. Bolt allows you to pay with one click, without having to remember a username or password. With just your email or phone number, One-Click Checkout works across stores across their network, and you don’t have to re-enter all of your information every time you shop. In addition, the app protects all your information so that you can stay safe while shopping online.

Hundreds of stores you already know and shop with are in the Bolt Network, so it’s easy to use their one-click checkout no matter what you’re looking for on the internet. Just watch for that little blue lightning bolt at the checkout, especially as fall begins and you start to prepare for the best outdoor activities of the season (is anyone ready for a hike in the leaves? fall?). To get your shopping started, we’ve rounded up some great investments to enjoy the outdoors right now. With Bolt, your next adventure could be just a click away.

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Rooftop tent Ironman 4×4 America

$ 999.00


This fall, why not go out for the weekend and stay out for sure? This nifty rooftop tent gives you an easy (and off-ground) place to sleep without taking up extra room, both physically and mentally. The tent is made with a lightweight, UV-resistant cover, and is equipped with its own two-person mattress.

Personal bonfire + stand

$ 290.00


There are some things that are a better idea in theory than in practice, like bonfires. They look so quaint and relaxing, but they’re actually a bit of a nuisance and leave your clothes and hair smelling like smoke for days.

This portable fireplace is all the good parts of an outdoor fire without the drawbacks. The Smokeless Fire uses expert airflow to contain heat and flames while keeping you warm outside.

Titan down jacket

$ 239.00


On this camping trip, make sure your daytime protective gear is also in good condition. The down jacket from La Sportiva has that perfect middleweight, which is ideal for fall. It has an internal storm flap and border edging, so rain, snow or sleet cannot get inside while you’re on the move.

DJI Mini SE Drone

$ 299.00


Getting a drone is the adult version of scoring the cool toy that everyone wants. The DJI mini is smaller than most drones – just 249 grams – but packs all the power you would want in a remote camera. It flies for up to 30 minutes and uses precise GPS hover so you can see exactly where it is and what it is seeing. DJI also creates an app that allows you to easily create content from your footage, with an expert appearance, no learning curve.

Wenger Arundel Laptop Backpack

$ 99.99


You’d expect a Swiss Gear backpack to contain these Swiss Army Knife capabilities, and this backpack delivers. There is of course a slot for a 16-inch laptop, as well as pockets to easily organize whatever you would put in the bag. Water bottles, pens, chargers, etc. Plus, it’s made with a tough, waxy coating that’s about as durable as an everyday bag can get. Consider your next covered backpacking bag.

Soul Camel Boots

$ 245.oo


Good boots are essential no matter what you plan to do with them. To go out, maybe when the weather is less than ideal? They are absolutely essential! These are made with a durable waterproof leather upper and sealed rubber upper that will protect you from the elements while keeping you comfortable.

Cinelli Tutto Plus Fixed Gear Bike

$ 1,274.20


We love sharing bikes as much as the next person, but there’s something a little special about having one of yours. This fixed gear bike is the perfect companion for everyday commuting. It is super light and can be easily moved around the streets. And thanks to Columbus Cromor steel tubing, it’s essentially indestructible.

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