Get Cape of Happiness FFXIV, Find Cloth of Happiness


If you want to get the Cape of Happiness item in FFXIV, you need to find the Cloth of Happiness first. Happiness Items are new additions to the Endwalker game expansion. Although they do take a bit of work to get them, they are very valuable. To get the cloak, you need to acquire a number of items. Read on as we walk you through how to get the Cloak and Cloth of Happiness in FFXIV.

Get Cape of Happiness FFXIV, Find Cloth of Happiness

How to get the cape of happiness in FFXIV

To craft the Cape of Happiness, you will need a few components. The first is the recipe itself. You must also be a level 90 weaver, which means you must already own the Endwalker expansion.

The recipe is in a tome titled Master Weaver IX. It will cost you 1200 White Artisans. You can pick it up from a number of Script Exchange merchants across Hydaelyn.

Once you have that, you need four key pieces to craft the cape. Some of them are more difficult to reach than others. The elements are as follows:

  • A fabric of happiness
  • Velvet Trois Ar-Céens
  • Three lightning clusters
  • Three clusters of wind

You can get the bunches in the standard farming method. The trickiest after that is the Ar-Caean Velvet. For this you will need several AR Caean cotton balls.

Where to find the fabric of happiness in FF14

The sheet of happiness is the most difficult to find. You must visit the Excitatron 6000. This is the fairground themed dungeon that became available in the last patch. If you don’t already have it, you need to open several chests obtained from Kumbhiraskin’s treasure maps. It will take time. Keep in mind that cloth is also used by max level leatherworkers to craft certain items.

Now that you have the cloak, you can wear it or sell it. It removes the tail of some characters. Selling it brings in a lucrative 800,000 gil.


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