From the quirky dish names on apps to the wordless in-store menu, this SS15 “Cincai” restaurant is so unique!


We all know how badly business has been hit since the pandemic hit in early 2020. As everyone tries to get back on their feet, a little publicity can always help.

A restaurant at SS15, Subang Jaya called Cincai Cafe took to Twitter for their names and descriptions of creative and fun dishes on food delivery apps.

When asked if its in-store menu was just as funny, Cincai Cafe said it no longer uses words for its in-store menus.

“Now we completely deleted all the words. We come cincai draw and hope people can understand our drawing.

As a small and humble restaurant that opened its doors to customers in September 2018, Cincai Cafe only had an Instagram presence and is not even active on the platform.

However, since gain popularity on Twitter overnight, restaurant owner Nigel felt prompted to create an account for the restaurant and return the eagerness netizens show up for his business.

Luckily for us at WORLD OF BUZZ, Nigel, who is also the man behind the restaurant’s witty menu, has agreed to chat with us about his business and his newfound online fame (which we hope will will also lead to fame in person?!)

When asked what inspired him to have “cincai” as the concept for the company, he responded in a true cincai fashion“Concept? We are just a laa restaurant”.

However, in all seriousness, Nigel said they “just wanted to cultivate another approach to food in malaysia“.

“Somewhere between restaurant culture and mamak culture.”

He added that the concept makes sense because it embodies the way Malaysians are super coolmaking the restaurant the perfect place to hang out for the Malays.

Meeting place

As the tweet that went viral showed a photo of their glorious Buttahmilk Cheekan signature dish, we heard that the dish has passed its peak and has been overtaken by a secret dish called Yin Yong.

We still think you should try the Buttahmilk Cheekan though – that shiny yellow covering the chicken looks like saucy!


On his thoughts on the restaurant’s overnight fame, Nigel said they were “honestly really grateful and happy that people have found entertainment of [their] quirky little shop“.

They also have the craziest birthday celebrations – so if you haven’t checked them out, maybe now is the time?!

However, keep in mind that the shop is moving in August!

You can stay up to date with the store and its move on their Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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