Free Clicks, Gems and More (May 2022)


Roblox Thunder Clickers Codes will enhance the gaming experience by allowing players to earn more upgrades and new pets! Having access to a variety of goodies such as diamonds and clicks is wonderful.

Thunder Clickers is another Roblox tapping/clicking game where the player has to click/tap to collect the items. While mining and unlocking new worlds to explore and increase item collection, players can sell items to acquire pets or use them in revivals to increase their farming rates.

Roblox: Thunder Clicker Codes for Free Clickers, Gems and More

Active Codes in Roblox Thunder Clickers

To avoid any errors, it is best to copy and paste the codes. The detailed steps to redeem the code have been explained below. Most importantly, use them as soon as possible as they expire quickly.

  • 100KVISITS! – Redeem code for free clicks and gems
  • 1MVISITS! – Redeem the code for a free reward
  • Free animals! – Redeem code for free Clover Pet
  • Saint Patrick! – Redeem code for free clicks and gems
  • UPDATE11! – Redeem code for free clicks and gems
  • UPDATE12! – Redeem code for free clicks and gems
  • UPDATE14! – Redeem code for free boosts

Expired Codes in Roblox Thunder Clickers

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The following codes have already passed their expiration date:

  • 30KVISITS! – Redeem code for free 5,000 gems and 10,000 clicks
  • 70KVISITS! – Redeem code for free 10,000 gems and 100,000 clicks
  • UPDATE10! – Redeem code for free 2,000 clicks
  • UPDATE3! – Redeem code for free rewards
  • UPDATE8! – Redeem the code for a free reward

Steps to Redeem Codes in Roblox Thunder Clickers

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Follow these simple steps to redeem in-game codes

  • To start, launch the game Thunder Clickers.
  • Then, on the left side of the game screen, select the Twitter bird icon to access the code redemption box.
  • In the text box with the “INSERT CODE HERE” placeholder text, copy and paste an active code from the list.
  • Finally, to redeem the code and receive the free rewards, tap the CONFIRM icon with the green border.

Other click games

The clicker subgenre is a weird one, based on increasing the number of players and gaining all the benefits of players’ efforts. It’s a game that focuses on a certain topic, like socializing with other players, more than most Roblox games.

1) Anime clicker simulator

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Anime Clickers Simulator is undoubtedly the best of the bunch. It’s a big game with big anime-inspired kingdoms, dozens of friends to choose from, a crafting system, and regular new updates with new worlds and other features.

Best of all, it’s packed with helpful incentives that help players increase clicks and reduce boredom. The majority of them can be obtained just by playing the game, however, Anime Clickers also frequently include codes for free boosts.

2) Click simulator

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Clicker Simulator is for gamers if they want a more classic clicker experience without the anime trappings. It’s less about gathering an army of anime fans, exploring their worlds, and more about improving their stats, collecting rare pets, and unlocking new places based on real-world locations like tropical forests and islands.

The idea is to hatch eggs and get uncommon pets to increase the click rate even more, and if players play their cards right the numbers can reach incredible heights.

3) Tapping Simulator

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Tapper Simulator is even more pet-focused than Clicker Simulator. The goal for players is to collect enough clicks to respawn with more jewels and hit multipliers, then keep going until they have an impressive amount of clicks.

Pets are key to achieving these goals, and Tapper Simulator puts players in control of how they function and evolve. Using crafting machines increases the chances of getting special effects for pets, which will further improve their talents.

4) Champions of the Renaissance

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In most Roblox clicker games rebirth is crucial, but in Rebirth Champions it is much more important. Players will rack up clicks and points and then respawn for a chance to receive amazing multipliers and watch those numbers keep rising. Pets are always important to receive the best multipliers, so be sure to open plenty of eggs.

However, the rates and procedures for obtaining eggs are less lenient than in other clicker games. Expect to stay in this one for the long haul, but thanks to Succession Champion leaderboards, their efforts will be rewarded.

5) Candy click simulator

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Sugar Clicking Simulator isn’t that different from other Roblox clicker games in terms of functionality, but it’s all wrapped up in a coating of candy.

Playing Candy Clicking Simulator is like stepping into a candy store that comes to life, with colorful environments brimming with delectable goodies, mysteries to uncover around every corner, and a nuclear bomb if players feel like swiping the rankings unfairly.

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