Flow Wrapper for wrapping minced meat without a tray


Seeing great success in the European market, especially in Germany, due to packaging material regulations, Formost Fuji’s minced meat packaging, which packs minced meat without the foam tray, debuts in the United States at PACK EXPO International. The FW3710B Stainless Steel Wet Motion Wrapper can process ground meat loaves up to 35-40 lbs in an 8 inch wide package at speeds up to 120 rpm and more.

The most notable benefit of the new packaging system is the elimination of the non-recyclable polystyrene foam tray traditionally used for this type of product. “That’s the obvious advantage,” says Lee Benton, South Central Sales Manager for Formost Fuji. “Another benefit would be related to shipping the product. It currently takes three trucks to ship product packaged with foam trays for every ground meat product trailer truck without the tray. »

It currently takes three trucks to ship products packaged with foam trays for every ground meat product trailer truck without a tray.Removing the tray also eliminates the need for packers to purchase, ship, store and handle trays. “Customers don’t get three or four tray loads a day, so they can reduce their warehouse footprint because they need less storage space,” Brenton points out. “They can also reduce the amount of work they have, which is a huge challenge for everyone right now. Just having someone move trays around the factory all day is kind of wasteful when you don’t have to. You can then use these people elsewhere in the factory.

Another advantage of the new process is that it eliminates a number of machines currently used in the tray packaging process. “End users can remove three machines from their current line because they no longer need a tray denester, a tray wrapper, and then an overwrapper to pack three or four finished packs into a master pack” , explains Benton.

He adds that with current tray-wrapped packaging, the shelf life of the ground meat product is typically around 24 days, if the packaging remains in the primary packaging. Once removed from the primary packaging for retail display, the shelf life is only four to five days. Packages produced using the Formost Fuji system provide a 24-day shelf life with 18 to 20 inches of mercury in the leak test, Benton shares.

The system uses a polyethylene film with an anti-fog coating that can be pre-printed with brand information.

Formost Fuji is currently working with a major Nebraska ground meat producer to test the marketing of packaging at a regional grocery store.


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