Everything you need for a barbecue in your backyard


For great flavor and a successful barbecue, make sure you have all the right tools.
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Who doesn’t love a perfectly charred burger steeped in the smoke of the grill? The weather is improving every day and now is the perfect time for a barbecue in your backyard or at the park. Mark it on the calendar and invite all your friends to join you at the grill for a delicious lunch. But before that, equip yourself with the right tools to make sure your barbecue is the talk of the town. Get many of these items starting tomorrow with Amazon Prime delivery.

1. Royal Gourmet 24-inch charcoal barbecue

What is a barbecue party without a charcoal barbecue? The Royal Gourmet charcoal barbecue is ideal for large groups and can be used when you go camping or even in your own backyard. This grill has a 368 square inch primary cooking area, as well as a 106 square inch warming rack for secondary cooking space. The grill has a built-in thermometer and a damper for temperature control. Its porcelain enamel cooking grates ensure even heat distribution and a charcoal access door lets you add coals or light the fire with ease. The removable ashtray at the bottom is easy to clean. As for food preparation, you can easily serve about 10 people at a time.

2. Barbecue skewers (12 pieces)

These stainless steel skewers are approximately 12 inches long and come with a wooden handle that protects your hands from the heat. The roasting fork on the tip of the skewer has a needle tip and is convenient for skewering your meat, chicken and vegetables. Skewers are easy to transport, clean, and take outside for your next family barbecue night. Become environmentally friendly with reusable skewers that meet food safety standards.

3. Stainless steel barbecue tool set (5 pieces)

Get organized with this professional barbecue tool kit that contains 5 pieces of stainless steel equipment you need for grilling. These barbecue tools also have a loop for hanging when not in use. The tools come in a weatherproof portable bag that is lightweight and can be easily stored. All barbecue utensils are sturdy and dishwasher safe. There is a 7% discount on the BBQ Tool Kit.

4. BBQ gloves

These specially designed gloves have long cuffs to protect your forearm and wrist when barbecuing. The gloves are made of heat resistant aramid fabric so that they will not catch fire or melt when exposed to an open flame. The gloves can withstand heat up to 800 ° C. They are also made of non-slip silicone and are comfortable and safe. Ideal for both men and women, these gloves can be machine washed.

5. SKEIDO Reusable Non-Stick BBQ Mat (5 pieces)

The SKEIDO cooking mat is a must have for all your barbecue sessions. Use these mats to prevent oil from spilling or overflowing at the bottom of the charcoal grill. This pack of 5 non-stick grill mats is reusable and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The non-stick property of the grill mats ensures that the surface is smooth and does not adhere to any food particles. You can easily clean various kinds of oil and dirt stains and use it repeatedly.

6. GreenBio BBQ Premium charcoal briquettes

For years, barbecue enthusiasts have preferred charcoal grills to gas grills because they impart an authentic, smoky flavor to their grills. Charcoal is made by slowly burning wood without too much exposure to oxygen, so it turns into carbon. People like to cook with charcoal because it burns better than wood and produces less smoke. There are many different types of charcoal, and your decision could affect the taste of your grilled food. Use these GreenBio BBQ Premium Charcoal Briquettes for grilling and barbecuing and get restaurant style flavor right at home. This 10kg box of charcoal is three times more economical than regular charcoal because it burns for six hours straight and produces less ash, no smell and no dust.

7. Inkbird Wi-Fi Thermometer

The Inkbird Grill thermometer is ideal for checking the temperature of meat and assessing whether it is perfectly done or not. You can connect the thermometer to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and check temperatures through an app on your phone. This wireless thermometer can be calibrated over a preferred temperature range, 0 to 300 ℃. It also has a 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery, with a runtime of up to 26 hours when fully charged. The digital thermometer has a countdown timer, which is very convenient if you want to regularly check the temperature while cooking. For safety reasons, the IBBQ-4T thermometer supports high and low alarms and will trigger your phone alarm when the desired temperature is reached. It is currently available at a 35% discount.

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