Eat local during restaurant month and your meal could be free


There are many great local restaurants to eat in Sedalia, and in January, eating at one could pay for your meal.

January is Restaurant Month and celebrates all of Sedalia’s great local restaurants. Shop Local, the Town of Sedalia, the Sedalia Region Chamber of Commerce and some local banks have come together to pay for meals for some diners.

Throughout the month of January, the Sedalia Shop Local team will randomly select a restaurant in the region to visit. The tour can take place during breakfast, lunch or dinner. And a guest will have their meal paid for by the Shop Local team. The winners will also be presented on the Town’s Facebook page to thank the banks that take the bill for the meal.

So where to eat? There are many excellent restaurants in the Sedalia area. And the staff at Townsquare Sedalia / Warrensburg have tried them all. If you’re looking for a spot, check out our experiences curated by Kix 105.7 Morning Personality Tim Thomas:

The brick front grille

New York delicatessen

Kehede’s barbecue

LeMaire Restaurant

Small Big Horn

Clara’s Norh 65 Cafe

Fitter’s 5th Street

The City, Sedalia Shop Local and the Sedalia Area Chamber of Commerce thank the Sedalia Central Bank, Wood & Huston Bank, Missouri Bank and Simmons Bank for their participation in the Shop Local Restaurant promotion.

Shop Local is an initiative launched by the Sedalia Region Chamber of Commerce and the City of Sedalia to showcase and support local businesses. In addition to Restaurant Month, Shop Local has implemented a holiday promotion and has sidewalk sales for April and August.

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