Domino’s Mentaiko Pizza will restore your HP, just like in Genshin Impact


You don’t even have to cook it yourself.

Looking for emergency food late at night? There are alternatives to Paimon, you know.

If you’re a huge Domino’s Classified Chicken fan like me and end up ordering the same flavor every time, I have good news.

Domino’s new collaboration, running September 14 through October 22, features new Mentaiko pizzas that are just as addictive as the Rated Chicken. These “emergency food combos” even come with limited-edition Genshin Impact collectibles that you can display in your secret Genshin Impact merchandise sanctuary at home.

You can choose the flavor in Genshin Impact Emergency Food combos, but Domino’s Mentaiko pizza is worth trying

Credit: Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

The two new Mentaiko pizzas come with chicken or shrimp. Mentaiko sauce is made from eggs marinated with other ingredients that give it a salty and slightly tart taste, so it’s no surprise that it goes particularly well with shrimp.

I highly recommend ordering it with a thin crust, which allows you to enjoy those bits of seafood better.

Chicken and shrimp have been big hits in my family. In fact, when my brother came back late at night to eat the leftovers, he found the Mentaiko Shrimp Pizza so tasty that he went to my room just to tell me how delicious it was.

The cinnastix side dish – cinnamon-coated breadsticks – is the perfect dessert to top off your meal. Domino’s is particularly generous with its cinnamon coating, and we’re definitely adding these items to our regular orders that include graded chicken at its core.

Aside from the food, I was especially thrilled to receive the limited-edition Genshin merchandise. I was surprised that the bag isn’t just another tote you carry over your shoulder – it’s square and roomy, with room to put plenty of food if you’re planning a picnic.

Domino's Pizza x Genshin Impact Collab
Credit: Domino’s Pizza

Genshin Impact Limited Edition Product List

Combined A
1 non-female Genshin Impact bag
1 chibi postcard representing the Traveller, Paimon, Jean and Amber
Traveler and Paimon 1 button badge
Combined B
1 non-female Genshin Impact bag
1 chibi postcard representing the Traveller, Paimon, Jean and Amber
Voyageur and Paimon 2-button badges
1 A4 transparent folder representing the Traveller, Paimon, Jean and Ambre (same print as the postcard)

You can place your order on Domino’s Pizza or visit your local store.

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