Cortec Unveils VCI Reinforced Paper for Puncture-Prone Metal Packaging | Item


CortecCorShield VpCl-146 Reinforced Paper provides tear protection for tough and puncture-prone packaging applications, along with a moisture barrier and exclusive invisible anti-corrosion layer.

According to Cortec, a major challenge for metal fabricators and finishers is corrosion during transportation and storage. Greasy rust inhibitors would have been replaced by dry corrosion protection in the form of VCI packaging, although sharp or pointed metal parts causing punctures and ruining the integrity of the packaging remain a problem for some.

To address the first challenge, Cortec says all of its Cortec VpCl branded papers are coated in-house with its proprietary VpCl formula. According to the company, the vapor phase corrosion inhibitors (VPI) in the coating vaporize and form a protective barrier against corrosion on the metal surfaces wrapped inside the paper. Moreover, the invisible protective layer would not require cleaning, which means that the part can be used immediately.

Regarding tear resistance, Cortec adds that its CorShield VpCl-146 reinforced paper offers excellent tear resistance, especially when wrapping irregularly shaped metals or those with sharp or sharp edges.

Additionally, CorShield VpCl-146 Reinforced Paper includes a moisture barrier that protects against moisture vapor penetration for moisture-sensitive items, which is apparently useful for protecting packaging subjected to harsh environments. and high humidity. Cortec notes that it also works for packaging parts covered in grease or processing oils that could leak or break down standard paper.

Cortec says the characteristics of its reinforced paper make it easily adaptable to a variety of packaging needs. This includes coils, wire spools, raw and machined forgings and castings, sheet metal, springs, fasteners, nails, and electrical and electronic components.

The standard application method is to wrap a metal object in the paper, fold the edges together, and glue the folds of the paper in place. Cortec adds that the reinforced paper can be used to sandwich between layers of metal components, seal the end of shipping tubes, fit into recessed areas of large packages, and cover crates and boxes where the moisture could seep in.

Earlier this year, Cortec launched a new specialty recyclable film, EcoSonic VpCl Static Dissipative Stretch Film, for applications where static discharge could lead to hazardous packaging conditions.


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