Chain oil for dry conditions, 130 ml


Chain Juice Dry is an advanced solvent (ethanol) deposited bicycle chain lubricant. It has been manufactured from high quality waxes and incorporates high performance additives to impart the desired properties such as extreme pressure protection, anti-wear, corrosion protection and resistance to contamination. Once the support has evaporated, the waxes of natural origin provide the primary lubrication. This is then improved by modifying the wax with renewable and natural plasticizers and synthetic lubricating additives to further reduce noise and wear. This product has a dry to the touch finish when installed so it will not attract dust.

Main characteristics

Suitable for use on all types of bicycles. Road, Cyclocross, MTB, Suburbs.
Excels in dry or dusty conditions.
Low viscosity for exceptional penetration in all parts of the chain.
Biodegradable, solvent-based carrier penetrates deep into the chain before evaporating to leave a dry finish.
Specially designed to set over a dry, undetectable wax coating that does not attract dust or contaminants.
The wax-based formula reduces metal-to-metal contact.
Uses advanced, stable Extreme Pressure additives to dramatically increase chain life and drivetrain efficiency.
Corrosion protection.
Repels water.
Works over a wide temperature range.
Anti-pilling formula.
Very durable, providing long distance lubrication and protection, even in wet conditions.


Shake the bottle to ensure that the product is activated. Apply to a completely degreased, clean and dry chain. Apply an even bead of product to the entire chain. Spin the cranks to make sure the lubricant has completely penetrated deep into the rollers. The request must be made well before riding. Preferably the night before to allow the lubricant to ‘set’ properly and for the solvent based carrier to fully evaporate, this will achieve the best results. For additional protection, the lubricant can be made up of additional layers. The more layers, the longer the performance received. If applied and left at the correct configuration, there will be no “throwing”.

Do not apply to tire tread, brake pads or braking surfaces. Smooth surfaces are not the object of the game here!


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