CEPE highlights the threat to the availability of preservatives

CPCE is launching a campaign highlighting the threat to the availability of preservatives, which are used to extend the useful life of everyday items such as coatings, inks, cleaning products and personal care items.

Industry is increasingly concerned that current EU regulations and review processes are leading to the phasing out of more preservatives and that no new products will is approved to replace them.

“Current regulations have created a long and costly system in which preservative manufacturers rarely bring new substances to market,” said Christel Davidson, CEO of CEPE. “In addition, a new examination program leads to a reduction in the number of existing curators. The situation is now reaching a breaking point.

Preservatives are important for extending the useful life of products such as consumer paints and inks, which are water-based. Without a preservative, the presence of water allows microorganisms to grow, causing damage to the coating product in the box or to the finished coated surface. This would lead to increased product waste and a need to repaint more frequently, which would directly contradict the green and circular ambitions of the EU.

CEPE urges regulators to change the requirements of the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR), which governs the authorization and use of preservatives. As a first step, risk assessment should be made possible at the product authorization stage. Overall, this should lead to a more holistic approach to impact assessments, contribute to better decision-making and avoid de facto bans.

“Current regulations are simply not fit for purpose, and we run the very real risk of not having preservatives available for key products like paints, printing inks and artists’ colours,” Davidson said. “Reports have already shown the urgent need to revise the Biocidal Products Regulation. We must act now to ensure that manufacturers can continue to supply existing preservatives, so that our members can continue to manufacture paints and inks that are properly preserved, while encouraging innovation and the development of new preservatives for the future. .


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