Caraway Cookware launches a collection of cookware



In the old days, kitchen tools weren’t exactly that great, unless you were thinking of big brands like, say, All-Clad, Le Creuset or Staub. But nowadays there is a new generation of direct-to-consumer cookware brands that have completely revolutionized the kitchen space. And one of those leading brands is Caraway. Besides being absolutely gorgeous, the brand’s kitchen tools have garnered rave reviews for their superior performance using non-stick materials that make them a pleasure to use for everyday cooking. We were therefore delighted to hear that starting today, Caraway is expanding its product line to include a collection of cookware. And with the baking season in full swing, here’s why we think you should get your hands on a set before it’s sold out.

What Makes Caraway Bakeware a Must-Have?

This is not your usual Pyrex, stainless steel or silicone cookware. Made from non-toxic materials (no nasty PTFE, PFOA, lead or cadmium), Caraway cookware is coated with ceramic enamel for a smooth, non-stick surface, which means pastries like cakes, brownies and muffins will slide straight out of the pan without sticking or breaking.

Aside from the ease of use, the cookware set comes with another fun bonus: just like the cookware set comes with its own canvas lid holder and four pot holders, the Cookware set also comes with smart caddies with internal dividers to hold each piece securely. . The point is to avoid the scratches that can occur when you stack your cookware at random, and it also makes it easier to get to what you need, as the shopping carts come with handles so you can do them. slide seamlessly in and out of cabinets. Finally, since the collection is designed to complement Caraway cookware, it is available in four tasteful soft tones: Perracotta, Cream, Navy and Slate.

What is included in the collection of caraway cooking utensils

Unlike their cookware which is available to buy a la carte, Caraway cookware is currently sold as a half set and a full set. The complete set includes 11 pieces (basically everything you need to whip up a delicious storm in the kitchen): a medium and large baking sheet, a cooling rack, a rectangular pan, a muffin pan, a muffin pan, a square mold, a loaf pan, two circular molds and two caddies to store everything together.

The half set is perfect for baking enthusiasts who already have a solid collection of bakeware and only need a few new additions. The five pieces include the large and medium baking sheets, rectangular pan, muffin pan and a single storage cart. As an added bonus, Caraway will also add a cork trivet (one with the half set and two with the full set) for use with hot pans to protect your surfaces.

Using the Caraway Cooking Kit

Yes, the baking dish set is gorgeous, but how does it work? I had the opportunity to test the pieces over the past week and was immediately impressed with the super glide of the non-stick ceramic surface. If you are an avid home baker, you’ve probably had several heartaches over cakes that won’t leave the cake pan or brownies that have lost their base. But with Caraway bakeware, the treats immediately come off non-stick surfaces, making them incredibly easy to use. Keep in mind that Caraway recommends lining your pans with parchment paper or using butter and liquid-based oils to coat the surfaces (sprays and sprays can dull the smooth coating) for a smooth release.

I also liked the nuanced design details like the generous handles on the baking sheet and the rectangular pan that make it easy to transport a hot dish from the oven to the counter. When it comes to cleaning cookware, unlike the brand’s cookware that can be put in the dishwasher, the cookware set should be hand washed to maintain its longevity. But again, the non-stick surface makes this task quick and airy.

Are Caraway Bakeware Worth It?

In all? 100% yes. The Caraway Bakeware Set is lightweight, responsive to temperature changes, truly non-stick, oven safe up to 500 degrees, even hot, and it looks great. Best of all, the included caddies ensure a compact storage solution that keeps all cookware clean, tidy and within easy reach. The only problem? This collection is sure to fly off the shelves, so hang your ensemble while you still can.



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