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Burger King still seems to doubt its chicken sandwiches. After a much-heralded launch of the crispy, hand-breaded Ch’King sandwiches last year, the chain is reportedly set to pull the items imminently.

But that doesn’t mean Burger King’s menu will now be without a fried chicken sandwich – a replacement line is launching immediately in its place.

According chewing boom, the burger slinger will replace Ch’King sandwiches – regular, spicy and deluxe – with a new line called Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwiches starting this month. By the end of the month, the exchange is expected to be completed nationwide.

The Royal sandwiches began testing in select markets in May in three flavors and it appears the chain has since added a fourth variety to the mix.

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Courtesy of Burger King

The regular royal crispy chicken sandwich features a crispy white meat brisket fillet topped with savory sauce, lettuce and tomatoes served on a grilled potato bun. So there is the spicy version with a spicy three-pepper glaze coating the chicken tenderloin, with all the same fixins. The Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich with Bacon and Swiss Cheese consists of a chicken fillet topped with a savory sauce, creamy Swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomatoes, while the royal barbecue of the south includes spicy barbecue sauce, bacon, caramelized onions and melted cheese.

Burger King still hasn’t officially announced this major change and we don’t have full details on how and if the chicken is different on the new sandwiches, but just looking at the pictures the chicken patty appears to be slightly finer than the piece of chicken served on the Ch’Kings.

Replacing itself the lower-grade crispy chicken sandwiches the chain had on the menu several years ago, the Ch’King line launched in 2021, after two long years of development and a lot of anticipation.

While Burger King seemed to be rather behind in the chicken sandwich wars at the time, early reactions to Ch’King gave hope that late is better than never. While the regular version might not be anything out of the ordinary (extra-crispy breading and all), the Spicy Ch’King was praised by customers and fast food connoisseurs, who said the item was not only a superior chicken sandwich, but also one of the chain’s best new releases in decades.

Still, that didn’t seem like enough to draw in the crowds, and the Ch’King would have been a huge disappointment when it came to sales.

“They spent a fortune on the chicken sandwich and it just didn’t do what it was supposed to do,” Dan Accordino, CEO of Burger King’s main franchisee, Carrols Restaurant Group, said earlier this year. . “The Ch’King did not generate the excitement hoped for.”

In addition, chewing boom points out that the hand-breaded sandwich was laborious to make, which is a huge downside for a large national chain looking for high sales volumes.

It also doesn’t help that Ch’King is one of the most unhealthy foods in fast food. Eat this, not that!Resident nutrition expert, registered dietitian Amy Goodson, crowned the Spicy Ch’King Deluxe the unhealthiest fast food product in America, saying it’s “about as unhealthy as a product can get.” at 1,499 calories, 149 grams of total fat and 4,755 milligrams of sodium.

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