Bring shiny Japanese autumn leaves to your table with gorgeous drinking glass sets



Autumn is in the air, and in Japan, one of the big manifestations of this is when koyo (紅葉), the fall foliage that adds vibrant shades of red, yellow and orange throughout the country, takes center stage and allows many to admire the beautiful scenery outside.

While there is nothing quite like taking a walk outside to take in the beautiful fall surroundings, it can be a bit more difficult these days as many stay home. Luckily, the Grape Shop has several ways to bring the famous Japanese fall season to your table, highlighted by these shortbread glasses adorned with Japanese gingko and maple leaves.

The two beautifully crafted sandblasted glasses feature carefully crafted patterns of Japanese gingko and maple leaves floating in the air, in brilliant yellow and red colors, respectively. Shortbread patterns don’t fade when washed or aged, so they add a fall flavor to your table well beyond the fall season.

It’s not just glasses, however. Coffee and tea lovers can drink the taste of fall with these mugs which use a special paint that changes color at around 45 degrees Celsius. So when you pour a hot drink into it, you will be able to see some autumn leaves change color. There is also one with a beautiful sakura pattern, so you can enjoy the cherry blossoms in spring.


Finally, those looking to enjoy fresh sake can try these sakazuki, traditional saucer-shaped cups for drinking sake, which also turn into colorful fall leaves. These sakazuki feature a colorful fall leaf pattern, but when filled with a chilled drink (under 17 to be exact), a special interior coating turns the leaves into even more yellow, orange fall foliage. and red.


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