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Are expensive wiper blades worth it?

Expensive wiper blades can be a good investment, especially if the costs reflect additional features such as rain or silicone blades. If you can justify the higher cost up front, they’re usually worth it. However, there are cheaper wiper blades that do the job just fine – they just lack some key features that improve operation.

Remember, if you live in a dry, arid area like Phoenix or Las Vegas, high-end wiper blades aren’t as essential to safe driving as they would be if you lived, say, , in Portland or Seattle. It’s your car and your call.

Rubber or silicone blades: which is better?

Silicone blades are designed to last up to twice as long as conventional blades, and this durability can help them perform better than rubber blades in demanding conditions. However, silicone blades are still more expensive than normal rubber.

The big advantage of silicone blades is that they stay flexible in the winter and tend not to freeze on your windshield. In climates where it’s common, you know how valuable it can be.

How do I know which wiper blade I need?

This can be easily done in your vehicle owner’s manual. Just go back to the wiper blades section, and it should clearly state the size you need. Calling a dealership for OEM wiper blades is the surest way to make sure you’re buying the correct blades, and calling an auto parts store works too.

If your vehicle has a specialty wiper arm, you will need to verify that a wiper blade is compatible with that style. They usually tell you what styles work on the package and have an adapter that will fit your vehicle.

How often should I replace my wiper blades?

A good rule of thumb for this is every 12 months. But because it’s pretty easy to notice worn wiper blades, it’s really up to you. If your wiper blades are starting to streak, squeak, chatter, or just not clear water like they used to, it’s time to replace them. If you use your wiper blades on rough ice before it melts, it will dramatically reduce the life of your wiper blades, so keep that in mind.

Why trust us ?

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For consistency, this test was conducted in an environment that offered identical test procedures for each product: the Car and driver garage. We tested the wiper blades at each wiper speed and with different amounts of rain. We then ranked each wiper blade by ease of installation, water removal at each speed, squealing, chattering, streaking, adapter quality and, finally, the price.

After compiling our findings, we agreed that our test was fair, legitimate, and provided the most comprehensive information for us to recommend our picks.

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