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WE should say we find the best sunglasses to protect you from the sun but really we love the aesthetics don’t speak to me.

Careless, intimidating and effortlessly cool, the best sunglasses aren’t just for summer, they’re a year-round tool to elevate your look.

When you find the perfect pair of sunglasses, you end up wearing them year after year as a staple sun protection accessory.

As’ 70s trends are in full swing, aviators and oversized styles are having a moment thanks mainly to designers like Gucci and Miu Miu.

Rectangular and colorful frames are also in fashion right now. But you don’t have to shop for a designer, there are plenty of more affordable brands out there as well.

To help you find your next favorite pair, we’ve reviewed the best women’s sunglasses to buy right now. Beautiful days are coming…

This article and the products shown were independently selected by Sun reporters. It has links that are advertisements, and if you click on a link and buy a product, we will earn income.

1. The best sunglasses: FANTESI rectangular sunglasses


  1. (AD) FANTESI 2 Piece Rectangular Sunglasses, £ 10.68 from Amazon – Buy here

Showcasing this season’s favorite rounded rectangular frames, FANTESI sunglasses aren’t just the best value, they’re pretty cool too.

You get two pairs for just £ 10.68 – one black and one tortoiseshell, perfect for changing up to match your outfit.

They’re made from lightweight plastic, which isn’t surprising considering they’re so inexpensive, but they’re ideal as comfortable shades if you’re on a budget.

Featuring an almost black lens (great for covering up a hangover), they’re more of a slightly oversized style than the photos suggest.

Without UV protection, this is more of a ’90s fashion statement than a statement for sunny days, but like that, we love them.

2. Best sports sunglasses: JOGVELO sports sunglasses


  1. (AD) JOGVELO Sports Sunglasses, £ 18.99 from Amazon – Buy here

Featuring an “unbreakable” TR90 frame and TPR nose pad, JOGVELO sports sunglasses are made for cycling, rock climbing, golf and all that good stuff.

The five interchangeable lenses of these serious sunglasses all come with UV400 protective coating and anti-fog function.

We are not a cyclist, but we are actually obsessed with these.

They’re ridiculously comfortable, of good quality, and double as a trendy street style accessory that replicates a Balenciaga pair we own.

We wore them for a run to test their endurance and they didn’t budge an inch while keeping our eyes well protected.

They also come with a sturdy zip case and the lenses are easy to change – we love the black and mirror orange color for groovy days.

3. The best chic Parisian sunglasses: The Specs Major! Caramel tort


  • The Specs Major! Toffee Tort, £ 59 at Mister Spex – Buy here

We can imagine the Major! Australian eyewear brand Le Specs Toffee Tort sunglasses are seen throughout the Parisian street style scene.

Sporting a thick ’90s-inspired frame, they’re made from BPA-free polymer plastic that’s seemingly lightweight, durable, and impact resistant.

In short, they are as cool as they are comfortable.

They’re chic enough to pass for high-end despite their average price, with a tint that lets you see the world vividly, unlike some dark sunglasses.

The frame is also sturdier than the cheaper pairs on the market, yet lightweight enough to wear them all day without any complaints.

From tortoiseshell to the gold Le Specs hardware on the side, this is a trendy pair of sunglasses that immediately adds a touch to any look.

4. Best Trendy Sunglasses: Barbie x Skinnydip Eyeline Sunglasses


  • Barbie x Skinnydip Eyeline Sunglasses, £ 20 from Skinny Dip London – Buy here

Pink tinted glasses have a moment – Barbie has teamed up with Skinnydip to refine the trend with their Eyeline sunglasses.

They aren’t just there to look pretty, as they come complete with 100% 400UV protection.

If the sun is super bright, you might want to go for darker shades, but despite the lighter shade, our eyes still felt protected and relaxed.

We love the cheerful vibe of this Barbie x Skinnydip style, perfect for sprucing up even the simplest summer outfits.

Oh, and they’re also comfy because they’re made from lightweight plastic and the oversized feel ensures they’re never too tight.

Try styling them with this season’s favorite pastel shades – selfies galore.

5. Best durable sunglasses: Indescratchables Renew 02 Sunglasses


  • Indescratchables Renew 02 Sunglasses, £ 79.05 at Shopbop – Buy here

If you’ve ruined a lot of sunglasses in your time, we’ve got the brand for you: Indescratachables.

New to the block, the innovative eyewear label creates scratch-resistant sunglasses with a stain-resistant hydrophobic coating and “razor sharp focus”.

And they’re pretty cool to look at, too. The Crystal Icicle / Smoke Mono Renew 02 design is a personal favorite.

We were surprised at how bent the frame is, suggesting that you are unlikely to break them (hello to our fellow clumsy queens).

In a retro silhouette, the transparent silver-tinted frame looks great around the almost blackened lenses.

As the first pair of Indestratchables, we were very pleased with the quality and feel of these, loving their versatile design for all occasions.

6. Sunglasses at the best value for money: Powder’s Sadie Sunglasses


  • Sadie Sunglasses, £ 30 from Powder – Buy here

After a pair of quality Instagrammable sunglasses but have no money to spend? Powder’s Sadie sunglasses are really reasonable at £ 30.

Equipped with high sun glare protection and good UV protection, these specs come with the cashmere print fabric and a collapsible box.

When the sun is shining we like to dress brighter, so this orange and sheer design is just perfect for complementing sunny tones like pinks and yellows.

The plastic frame is elegantly thin on the sides with a very subtle mark taking them up a notch compared to the cheap models you would see on Main Street.

The lenses are also quite dark, which works well to hide all those late summer evenings, if you know what we mean.

From black on black to contrasting prints, we haven’t yet found an outfit that Sadie sunglasses don’t look good with.

What are the best sunglasses

Like haircuts and jeans, the quality of sunglasses depends a lot on the person who wears them.

The best way to find sunglasses is to first analyze your face shape. Is it diamond, square, round, triangular, heart-shaped, oblong or oval?

Here is a little guide that can help you …

Diamond face shapes: oval frames or cat eye sunglasses.

Square face shapes: oval, cat eye or round frames.

Round face shapes: square, semi-rimmed or cat eyes.

Triangular face shapes: rounded square frames, rimless or oval.

Heart-shaped: oval, rimless or aviator frames.

Oblong: cat-eye, aviator or square.

Oval: rounded and bold frames.


What is the best UV filter for sunglasses

The higher the UV index of your sunglasses, the better they will protect your eyes.

Those that are UV 400 will protect your eyes the most because they block all UVA and UVB rays with wavelengths that reach 400 nanometers.

What to look for in sunglasses for women?

If you invest in a quality pair of sunglasses, not only will they protect your eyes well, but they will also last you for years to come.

Once you’ve found a pair with UV protection, you can simply find a pair that works for you and matches the style you want to channel.

Where to buy sunglasses for women

All the street fashion stores have sunglasses and even supermarkets.

Our favorite places to buy women’s sunglasses are Amazon (we know!), Selfridges, Farfetch, Asos, and other well-known online shopping sites.

What does “polarized sunglasses” mean?

When the lenses are polarized, it means they have been treated to reduce the glare effect that is reflected off surfaces like snow or water.

Since they reduce light glare, polarized sunglasses are ideal if you are driving.

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This article and the products shown were independently selected by Sun reporters. It has links that are advertisements, and if you click on a link and buy a product, we will earn income.



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