Best Snow Foam Car Washes 2022


Which car? said 4/5

3. Chemical Guys HydroSuds – RECOMMENDED

Price £17.99
Will buy or
Capacity 473ml

Almost £20 for less than half a liter of cleanser might seem steep, but this product is extremely concentrated. We’ve had great results with a 0.9% stingy solution, which gives you using 2 oz of the product in a bottle of foaming water, as the label suggests. As well as being cheap and fun to use, HydroSuds are a one stop shop, tackling tough dirt while leaving a protective ceramic coating.

Which car? said 4/5

2. Farécla G3 Pro Snow Foam – RECOMMENDED

Farecla G3 Pro Snow Foam

Price £7.99
Will buy
Capacity 500ml

G3 Pro Snow Foam significantly undercuts its competitors, which is great news considering its versatility. Technically it’s a pre-wash, but it’s also a shampoo and can even be sponged on. It’s not a full treatment like Ceramic Blast or Hydro Suds – Farécla recommends periodically applying a separate sealant or wax for complete paint protection – but if you want a fast, highly effective, pH neutral foaming shampoo , it’s hard to beat.

Which car? said 4/5

1. Chemical Guys Maxi Suds II – WINNER

Chemical Guys Maxi Suds II

Price £7.95
Will buy or
Capacity 473ml

Chemical Guys offers a wide range of snow foams – with strong scents as diverse as beer, watermelon and honeydew available – but this hybrid shampoo/foam is something else. One could be enthusiastic about its ease of use, its great cleaning power, its mouth-watering strawberry aroma and its perfect pH neutrality. What amazed us the most, however, was the cleaning power provided by the smallest heavily diluted drop. This modest bottle, at a very modest price, produces up to 120 liters of very effective foam. In our testing, it was a clear winner.

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