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Which lift-up coffee table is the best?

If you often find yourself working or dining on the coffee table, a lift-top coffee table might be the upgrade you’ve been looking for. With a tabletop that can be raised whenever you want, you can turn your coffee table into a dining area or work station without having to bend or bend over for long periods of time.

For a high quality table with rustic accents, take a look at the Signature Design by Ashley Valebeck Farmhouse Lift Top Coffee Table.

What you need to know before buying a lift-up coffee table

How it works

It’s the same as any standard coffee table, except for the top, which is movable. The lift tray feature works on hinges that help the tray move in three ways.

  • Right: The table lifts upwards and double hinges are used to ensure that the top can support the weight.
  • Next to: The table top lifts up and moves sideways to lock in place.
  • Pivot: The table opens without a straight or sideways approach, moving at a unique angle to lift and lock into place.


Do you want the entire table surface to lift? Or just part of it? Some tables have lift-up tops that raise everything to one level while others lift half of the top, leaving the other half at the original height. The design you want will be based on how many people use the table at a time as well as how much surface you use by yourself. A table with only one raised side is beneficial if there are items on the coffee table that you don’t need right away or are worried about knocking over.

Shape and size

Most lift top coffee tables are rectangular, but there are square, round and hexagonal ones if you’re looking for something a little different. When it comes to sizing, the measurements of the closed table are comparable to those of the standard coffee table. A rectangular coffee table typically measures between 20-40 inches in length, 15-20 inches in depth, and 15-20 inches in height. When open, the lift top typically adds about 4 to 8 inches to the height.

What to Look for in a Quality Lift Top Coffee Table


Lift top coffee tables are made from the same selection of materials as most tables. Wood, metal and manufactured wood (MDF) are durable, reliable and attractive. Marble and glass are also possibilities, but marble is heavy and glass is less durable, especially with the lift feature.

Durable hinges

Everything in a lift-top depends on the quality of the hinges. Well-made metal hinges are essential, but powder coated metal is the best option. A powder coating helps prevent corrosion, keeping hinges strong and functional longer. It is more resistant to damage and it is environmentally friendly.

Built-in storage

Many coffee tables include a bottom shelf for storage, but some lift top tables go even further and include divided compartments below the table surface. All you have to do is lift the top and lock it in place to search the organized sections for the item you need. A table without open shelves can include closed drawers, which is ideal if you want to store items to avoid clutter.

How much you can expect to spend on a lift top coffee table

A rectangular lift-top coffee table costs between $80 and $1,000, while a square, round or hexagonal coffee table costs between $300 and $1,000.

Lift Up Coffee Table FAQ

How much weight can the pop-up roof support?

A. A standard coffee table can hold around 100 to 300 books. A lift-up surface can hold between 40 and 100 pounds when locked in the open position.

What is the difference between MDF and wood?

A. MDF is an engineered product made from recycled wood while wood is a natural material. Both are quite durable. MDF is cheaper, but cannot be dyed a new color. Since solid wood is a natural material, there are more wood grain details and it can be refurbished later, but the initial cost is higher.

What is the best lift top coffee table to buy?

Coffee table with lift top

Signature Design by Ashley Valebeck Farmhouse Lift Top Coffee Table

What do you want to know: This square table is crafted from engineered wood with pine veneers, measuring 36 inches in length and 36 inches in width. It measures 18 inches tall closed and nearly 23 inches tall when open.

What you will love: It’s a beautiful rustic piece that comes in three two-tone designs. One side lifts up like a lift top while the other opens to reveal storage space, and it’s well constructed and easy to assemble.

What you should consider: There are no open shelves or drawers.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Lift top coffee table for the price

Yaheetech lift top coffee table

Yaheetech lift top coffee table

What do you want to know: This rectangular table is crafted from engineered wood, measuring 41 inches in length and 19.5 inches in width. It measures 19.2 inches tall when closed and 24.6 inches tall when open.

What you will love: It is sturdy and the entire table top lifts up for more usable space. It comes in three two-tone designs and two solid color designs ranging from rustic to modern. There is a storage compartment under the lift top and three separate open shelves below for more organized storage.

What you should consider: Assembly instructions could be better.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Steve Silver Ultimo Mocha Brown Hexagonal Coffee Table with Lift Top

Steve Silver Ultimo Mocha Brown Hexagonal Coffee Table with Lift Top

What do you want to know: This hexagonal table is made of MDF with an iron frame, measuring 38 inches in length and 36 inches in width. It measures 18 inches tall closed and 23.5 inches tall when open.

What you will love: It is easy to assemble and the surface is in a nice color. Its shape makes it a centerpiece of the room. One side opens while the other stays in place. There is also a hexagonal shelf under the table top with plenty of storage space.

What you should consider: A remote control can be stored in the hidden area under the table, but nothing bigger.

Or buy: Sold by Home Depot and Kohl’s

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