Best Down & Quilted Coats For Cold Weather | Editor’s Review


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I’m spending my first winter in New York, and as soon as the temperatures started dropping in early November, every New Yorker’s favorite thing to say to me was, “You haven’t felt anything yet!” As a California girl who grew up with 60 degree winters, I knew I was going to be cold in no time. To get through the chilly temperatures (which continue to drop), there was one thing I needed: a proper winter coat. I really haven’t owned one before, as I’ve never lived in a cold climate, so I did what all shopping pros do: I started my shopping journey.

My wishlist pretty much just involved wanting something cute, comfy, and warm. I took several recommendations from friends and fellow editors, and the more people I asked, the more I looked forward to finding out my winning pick, and most people were asking me for follow-up results on the one I picked. .

After testing a handful of options, I picked my five favorites and I’m here to share my results to help you shop around, too. I tried a popular pick from Lululemon, Uniqlo, Aritzia, Everlane, and LifeLabs. Each has their own unique thing that made me love them, so it was hard to pick a clear winner. Depending on your style or where you live, or the price you shop at, one of these might be right for you. Keep reading to see them on me, check out all the specs, and find out why I loved them. Looked.


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