Best ceramic coating for boats developed by Fort Myers Company


The Fort Myers Prep System presents yachts or boats with a glossy, hydrophobic finish. The product also lasts longer than traditional waxes and makes washing less painful.

Marine Nano Shop and John Watkins are pleased to announce that they have developed a product classified as the best ceramic coating for boats and yacht applications. The marine nano-ceramic coating system includes a full range of polishes and compounds manufactured to provide marine vessels with the highest possible surface finish. Nano-ceramics are a solution for motorized flybridge cruisers in need of a gel-coat restoration, as well as a new fishing boat on a trailer.

The prep system provides a glossy hydrophobic finish for boats or yachts. The product lasts longer than traditional waxes. It also means washing is less of a chore. The surface of the watercraft can be destroyed by salt spray, fish and wind. The ceramic treatment is of marine quality. It establishes a protective coating at the molecular level that prevents dirt and debris from bonding. For boat owners new to ceramic coatings for watercraft, gel-coat protection, or boating in general, application articles and a network of expert applicators are available to help.

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Product systems provide complete restoration for heavily oxidized watercraft. The system is also available to give a new yacht or boat gelcoat the brightest, deepest shine possible. The company has prepared a do-it-yourself nano-ceramic coating kit. Protecting a new surface for longer life, as well as restoring a yacht or boat that has suffered from many days of salt spray, wind, sand and sun rays, is the advantage of nano-coating.

For professional detailers, the Marine Nano Shop has created restoration and new boat nano-ceramic kits. When a boat needs restoration due to heavy oxidation or a new yacht or boat gel coat gets an extra level of protection for a deep, brilliant shine, Professional Kits have the solution. The nano-ceramic coating adds shine and beauty. It is also ideal for surface protection for years.

About the company:

Nano Marine Shop offers quality products for new boats and yachts. DIY kits are designed for new trades, as well as those affected by wind, weather, and water. There are also products for professional retailers.

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