Avoid making the mistake I saw at Tommy’s Tavern in Freehold


Hello to all gentlemen.

So today I got some bad news from the doctor (more on this in the coming days) So instead of immediately going our separate ways, my mom and I decided to grab a quick bite at Tommy’s Tavern in Freehold.

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My mom and I were chatting when I witnessed a fairly common event in the life of the restaurant.

One of the hostesses was walking a family to a nearby table when one of the seated men stopped her.

Man: Wait, can we sit in one of those booths over there?

Hostess: Uh, I-

Man: That shouldn’t be a problem, should it?

Hostess: Yeah, uh. Let me check it out.

Agony on her face… but yes, she went back to check and finally moved where they were going to be sitting.

Here is why this situation causes agony for the restaurant staff.

Do you know how a typical server rotation works? Let me explain …

Let’s say there are 4 servers working on a given evening. This means the restaurant is divided into FOUR sections and as the tables arrive the hostess turns so everyone gets their equal share.

You know … Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple and repeat …

Now listen … if you have a back problem, physical limitation, or any other health issue that requires you to sit in a cubicle or by the door, talk it out by all means.

But I can tell you from personal experience that the situation I described above is painful for both sides to deal with.

The hostess has to oblige the guest but then receive bullshit from the waiters to never sit anyone down in their section.

The waiter watches the money come out of his pocket when a group directed to his section ends up swerving to the left to sit elsewhere.

Is it the end of the world if this happens? No.

But is it an end if you don’t sit in a booth? Also no.

My mom and I were discussing this while we were eating and her response was: “If I’m paying for a meal, I think I should be able to sit where I want.”

It’s valid but sheesh, you’re in pain!

Maybe the solution is for restaurants to only have booths up front so everyone can be comfortable while they eat.


Oh … and be nice to the staff at the Jersey Shore restaurant. It is not an easy job.

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