As a pro this turntable made me love making layer cakes


When I started my baking career, I hated make layer cakes. They were never my thing, and so when I was at the Culinary Institute of America, I never really focused my full attention on them (which my grades reflected).

It wasn’t until after graduate school, when I decided to go back to journalism, that I gave layer cakes a real shot. One day, I wanted to make the richest, fluffiest chocolate cake I could imagine. Since I didn’t put much energy into cakes at school (don’t be like me, absorb as many as you can) the only thing I was completely confident in was that I absolutely needed the Ateco Rotating Cake Stand.

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This turntable makes cutting, layering, coating crumbs and frosting cakes a breeze. Even when I struggled to slice through the fluffiest cakes in school or try to get the smoothest layers of frosting imaginable, I would have struggled even more without this turntable.

It is larger than most cake turntables, measuring approximately 5 inches. The stand is constructed with a very sturdy and heavy iron base, which is essential for layer cakes. The last thing you need is for the turntable to move around as you work, disrupting detail work or shifting cake layers as you frost.

Atop the base is a smooth removable aluminum top. The surface is large enough to frost a variety of cake sizes, as it measures one foot in diameter. The removable turntable also makes it very easy to clean.

It glides quickly with just a little push, and there’s no jumping or wobbling at all. The stand comes with a reusable rubber non-slip pad that you can place between the cake and the turntable so the base doesn’t slip, although I find I don’t usually need it.

Shoppers and pastry chefs love the Ateco booth, which has over 2,600 five-star ratings. “I’m a pastry chef myself and have been using these for almost seven years. The only reason I bought a new one was because I moved and couldn’t take it away. Great product that’s durable and of the best quality”, someone wrote.

“This is the one. I knew it would be a good product but I didn’t expect it to be this good. It doesn’t just spin. It glides effortlessly. My only regret is not I haven’t bought it sooner. I feel like it’s going to last a lifetime.” another reviewer said.

As soon as I had this turntable in my hands, it opened a whole new door to my relationship with baking. I found a new love for layer cakes, and it reinvigorated my love for food, which motivated me to get my bachelor’s degree in journalism and eventually land here. Although I cannot guarantee the Ateco Rotating Cake Stand will also change your life, I can tell you that it will surely make any layer cake incredibly easier. Grab it now on Amazon ahead of the holiday baking season.

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