A ramen and sushi restaurant in Twin Falls is expected to open soon


Nara Ramen and Sushi have been trying to get started for several months now. They are going to be located where Costa Vida was. The restaurant is currently undergoing renovations and they hope to be open as soon as possible.

Nara Ramen and Sushi will open soon in Twin Falls

Located on Poleline Road next to Barnes and Noble, Nara Ramen and Sushi is currently undergoing renovations and hopes to be open by the end of February. The good news is that Costa Vida was once located there, so it should be pretty well equipped for cooking. I’m sure they’re going to need some new equipment, but at least there’s a commercial-grade kitchen.

Nara Ramen and Sushi Menu and Other Information

Nara Ramen and Sushi is also in the process of opening a restaurant in Boise. They are going to serve authentic ramen, fresh sushi, potstickers and other authentic Asian cuisines. I can’t wait for authentic ramen. It’s a place I’m not sure we have in Twin Falls. I’ve had pho here and it’s really good, but there’s something about ramen that’s so comforting. Options are always a good thing.

Remodeling may take time, hopefully soon

Unless there are complications, the restaurant should be open at the end of February. You never know what kind of setbacks can occur with a project like this, so we’ll be looking forward to a confirmed opening day.

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