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With constant foot traffic, hotels and restaurants need products that are built to last while ensuring they meet customer expectations. Beyond that, an inexhaustible supply of single-use products or big-ticket items prone to breakage does little to support the sustainability goals set by environmentally conscious companies.

The Vaask Touchless Hand Sanitizer helps sustainability-minded people achieve their goals. Backed by a five-year warranty, the American-made fixture is all-metal and replaces the endless array of single-use plastic hand sanitizer bottles. Selected for its quality construction and superior coating options, Vaask’s cast aluminum allows for customizable colors and graphics so your company can proudly brand your dispensers to show a sincere commitment to cleanliness. Vaask is easy to maintain and the refillable cartridge holds almost twice as much sanitizer as typical dispensers, requiring less frequent refills.

Built to last

Honored as Grand Winner of healthcare design‘s Product Innovation Awards, Vaask dispenses the right amount of sanitizer every time. The fixture has won nearly 20 design, technology and sustainability awards since its debut.

A product judge noted, “Vaask is a practical and useful offering in a post-COVID world. The product eliminates plastic waste, and the reusable and refillable high-capacity cartridge is an important design feature that enables bulk product refill and reduced operating costs.

Traditional hand sanitizer offerings come with high ongoing costs, including frequent replacement of single-use plastic bottles or flimsy plastic dispensers that break easily. The hand hygiene industry has long relied on selling these plastic dispensers without considering maintenance costs or the fact that approximately 20% of dispensers break in just two years. With Vaask able to accept any quality sanitizing gel, operators are not locked into costly long-term supply contracts.

Reliable performance

Developed with healthcare professionals, Vaask is the reliable, high-capacity, low-maintenance dispensing hospitality space to provide customers and management with a better experience:

  • AC or POE powered (no batteries required)
  • Aluminium fusion; five year warranty
  • PalmPilot sensor that accurately detects hands
  • Big capacity; refillable with any disinfectant gel
  • Customizable colors, metals and graphics
  • Recessed, wall-mounted or freestanding
  • Made in America

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