9 lightweight blankets to prepare your horse for fall


Be prepared for whatever the weather throws at you with our selection of the best lightweight accessories to protect your horse this fall.

StormX Original 100 Combi participation mat

StormX Original 100 Combi participation mat

RRP £ 68.99

Filling: 100g

Colors: Blue

Sizes: 4ft 6in-7ft


A good choice for cooler days when a heavier carpet is too hot.

This blanket features a 600 denier waterproof outer fabric and full contoured collar with two touch strip fasteners, as well as buckle chest straps for the perfect fit for every horse.

Adjustable cross surcingles and adjustable thigh straps ensure a secure fit, with a tail flap providing additional protection from the elements.

Referral Bucas Green Line 100g

Referral Bucas Green Line 100g

RRP £ 136

Filling: 100g

Green color

Sizes: 5ft-7ft


All fabrics – exterior, insulation, lining, webbing and binding – used in this rug are made from recycled fibers.

This outfit has all the features you would expect from Bucas: a 600 denier ripstop exterior made from recycled plastic bottles, a silky-touch lining made from recycled materials and Bucas insulation that is made from of recycled fibers for many years.

It is available with 100g or 300g insulation. A T-bar front closure with magnetic snap-lock closure and shoulder darts ensure a snug fit, and there is the option of a separate combination collar.

Lightweight Swish Equestrian blanket with removable neckline

Lightweight Swish Equestrian blanket with removable neckline

RRP £ 99.99

Filling: 0g

Colors: pink, green, orange, peppermint

Sizes: 4ft 6in-7ft 6in


A non-infill outdoor blanket made with a waterproof and breathable 1,200 denier exterior, with a removable collar.

The non-infill coating is resistant to downpours, although during long periods of heavy and constant rain, a build-up of condensation inside the carpet can cause moisture stains.

This rug has liner ties so that Swish rug liners can be added to increase the warmth of the rug as needed. It has reflective stripes on the front, back and tail flap, as well as large shoulder gussets, cross surcingles, tail flap, and removable / elasticated thigh straps.

It sits higher on the neck / shoulders than some mats to prevent it from slipping and rubbing.

Tempest Original Lite Blanket Mat

Tempest Original Lite Blanket Mat

RRP £ 51.99

Filling: 0g

Colors: navy / gray, blue nebula, horse print, purple lightning

Sizes: 48in-87in


Ideal for hot and humid weather, this training mat is deep cut and features a lightweight yet durable 600 denier ripstop exterior.

The mat is waterproof and breathable, and the durable water-repellent ShireTex exterior provides long-lasting protection from the elements without using environmentally harmful PFCs.

This mat is compatible with WarmaRug, so you can improve the warmth index by using separate mat liners in 100g or 200g (available for purchase separately).

It features adjustable buckle chest straps, adjustable cross surcingles, mesh strap and tail flap, and is fully lined.

DefenseX System 0 outdoor mat with removable neck cover

RRP £ 84.99

DefenseX System 0 outdoor mat with removable neck cover

Filling: 0g

Colors: Navy / purple

Sizes: 5ft6-7ft3


Made from a durable, waterproof 1200 denier material with no padding, this lightweight blanket is ideal when the weather is slightly warm but still humid.

This mat features adjustable cross surcingles, double clip pectoral attachments and leg straps to keep it in place.

It features a specially designed tail flap to provide ultimate coverage, a removable neck cover for added versatility and reflective areas for optimal visibility.

Rambo Duo Force

Rambo Duo Force

RRP £ 479.95

Filling: 100g

Color: Navy / Navy / White

Sizes: 5ft-7ft 3in


The 1000 denier ballistic ripstop nylon outer material features an innovative ripstop weave for added strength.

This new fabric construction provides lightweight yet strong protection from the elements. Treated with Horseware’s Aquatrans technology, this outfit is waterproof and breathable.

Horseware guarantees that the Rambo Duo Force will remain waterproof and breathable for at least three years.

An anti-bacterial, anti-static and shine-enhancing polyester lining ensures a shiny coat and healthy skin, while a 100g thermo-bonded fiber padding provides superior heat retention.

The V-shaped front closure and Surefit neck design take the pressure off the shoulder so it doesn’t chafe, for added comfort while your horse grazes. The two-legged arches provide freedom of movement and maximum tummy coverage.

The three surge safety clip system can withstand 100 kg of pressure, but breaks in an emergency.

There are 100g and 300g liners included that can be attached to the liner loops, making this the ultimate year round entry.

Other features include a removable hood and washable elastic tail drawstring.

Swish Equestrian 50G Turnout blanket with removable collar

RRP £ 85.99

Swish Equestrian 50G Turnout blanket with removable collar

Filling: 50g

Colors: purple, green, orange, pink

Sizes: 3’3 ”-7’6 ”


A lightweight blanket that can be used with or without the removable neck cover.

If necessary, the neck cover attaches with two double-locking velcro pieces.

The mat has a 1200 denier ripstop exterior and 50g padding, reflective bands on the front, back and tail flap, large shoulder gussets, cross surcingles, tail flap and thigh boots elasticated removable.

Fully waterproof and breathable, it is designed to sit higher on the neck and shoulders to prevent it from slipping and rubbing.

Fieldmasta 100g Fixed Neck Horse Blanket

RRP £ 159

Fieldmasta 100g Fixed Collar Horse Blanket Blanket

Filling: 100g

Color: Dark Navy

Sizes: 5ft-7ft 6in


A cleverly crafted outfit made from durable fabric combining 600 denier polyester with reinforced sections of 1200 denier ripstop polyester.

Fully waterproof and breathable with 100g thermal fiber padding to keep your horse warm.

Designed for comfort, this mat is fully adjustable at chest level – use the buckles to adjust the length, then secure with quick clips.

A large three-vented shoulder gusset allows free movement and prevents rubbing of the shoulders.

An anti-chafing liner promotes a clean, shiny coat, and memory foam sections at the withers relieve and distribute pressure evenly.

Passing ventral surcingles prevent the mat from slipping or being stretched behind the elbow.

Weatherbeeta Comfitec Classic Standard Neck Medium / Lite

RRP £ 81.99

Weatherbeeta Comfitec Classic Standard Neck Medium / Lite

Filling: 100g

Colors: Blueberry / Pink, Red / Silver / Navy

Sizes: 4ft-7ft 3in


This lightweight jacket features a 600 denier ripstop outer shell with a waterproof and breathable outer shell, with 100g of polyfill.

With a smooth and durable 210T polyester lining, the mat features a traditional side gusset for natural movement, an adjustable double-buckle front closure, adjustable and removable leg straps, two low cross surcingles and a Standard tail flap, as well as a tourniquet and three D-rings to allow attachment of a neck cover (sold separately).

This mat has a three year warranty on hardware, waterproofing and breathability.

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