7 best eyelash growth serums to buy in Australia in 2021



Eyelash serums claim to strengthen and lengthen your lashes, but do they actually work? We put a top-notch brand to the test.

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In my late teens, I decided I wanted longer lashes and fuller eyebrows.

A quick google search told me that my best (um, cheapest) bet was castor oil, so every night I used a cotton swab to inexperiencedly apply the thick oil to my eyebrows. and my eyelashes.

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Weeks and weeks later… I hadn’t accomplished anything. The oil found its way to the bottom of my bathroom cabinet and I gave up on my quest.

But getting longer lashes is possible and can be achieved a lot easier than my messy attempts all those years ago. It turns out that castor oil can be effective when diluted with a few other nourishing and growth-stimulating vitamins in the form of an expertly crafted serum.

So we’ve rounded up a few of our top picks and tested one below.

Eye of Horus Universal Eyebrow Lash Serum, Adore Beauty, $ 42

This universal eyebrow eyelash serum from cruelty-free Australian beauty brand Eye Of Horus is designed to visibly thicken, lengthen and lift your brows and lashes. The vegan formula is made with ethically sourced ingredients, including star anise and rosemary extract, which promote growth, along with B-complex vitamins and minerals for strengthening.

The serum has an average rating of 4.5 stars from reviewers, with a writing “Beautiful for a makeup-free look, but I also noticed new consistent growth and increased length. Perfect brush size for covering up hair. tiny eyelashes in the lower and inner corners ”.

That’s what happened when I put it to the test.

Dani Maher, best reporter

Considering my previous unsuccessful attempt to grow my dull eyelashes and brows, I wasn’t convinced that there was much hope for me. But after using the Eye Of Horus Serum for 10 days, I noticed a difference – and I’m in awe.

The small mascara-like brush is perfect for applying serum and easily reaching baby’s lashes. The serum is very lightly tinted, so when you wear it during the day, it actually gives a subtly groomed “no makeup” look, as many reviewers have noted – although it doesn’t hold the eyebrows in place like an eyebrow makeup gel (which is fine with me, as I don’t want that crunchy gel feel on days without makeup).

Consistency is important with products like these – I use it day and night to see growth, and I will need to continue using it daily to see more. Even though it’s only been 10 days, I’m starting to notice that my lashes and brows look a bit longer and fuller. It is still early days, so the growth is not spectacular, but it is certainly a promising start.


Pronexa Hairgenics Lavish Lash Growth Serum, Amazon Australia, $ 69.95

With over 28,400 five-star reviews to its name, Pronexa eyelash serum comes highly recommended. The hypoallergenic, cruelty-free plant serum is easily applied every night along the lash line using the fine brush. It promises “drastic increases” in the length and thickness of your lashes in 60 days – so you’ll have to be patient for results, but reviews say it’s worth the wait.

“Before trying Lavish Lash, I had tried another (much more expensive) product with ‘meh’ results,” wrote one reviewer. “I’ve been using it for two months now and OMG… it’s legit. I look like I have false eyelashes and I love it! “


Lancôme Advanced Genifique Light Pearl Youth Activating Concentrate for Eyes and Lashes, Myer, $ 125

The cost of this Lancôme choice may put you off, but keep in mind that this is a two-for-one deal, working as both an eyelash serum and an eye concentrate. Besides promising to fortify, increase density, and strengthen your lashes, it will also deflate bags under the eyes, reduce the appearance of dark circles, and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

It has an average rating of 4.7 stars out of over 270 reviews, with many reviewers appreciating the cooling applicator and one writing, “I’ve been using it for about two weeks and the lashes are longer. The sensation of this product in the eye area is exceptional ”.


Rapid Lash Eyelash Enhancing Serum, Oz Hair & Beauty, $ 49.95 (RRP $ 69)

Rapid Lash Enhancing Serum has sold over three million units worldwide and is highly regarded for its revitalizing and fortifying properties, enriched with biotin, vitamin B5 and amino acids.

“I have been using Rapid Lash and Brow for years. I find it takes about three months (maybe a little less) of use each day to see results but it sure works. My eyelashes and eyebrows are thicker, longer and much more lush. Once they get to that point I use it every three days to maintain it, ”wrote one five-star reviewer.


LASHFOOD Lash Enhancer Serum, Adore Beauty, $ 150

LASHFOOD’s serum is one of the more expensive options out there, but it comes highly recommended by reviewers. Claiming to deliver visible results in just four weeks, the serum blends natural and organic ingredients like rice protein, soy protein, and a special phyto-medical complex to lengthen and strengthen your lashes.

“I had damaged eyelashes after eyelash extensions and decided to try this to help my natural lashes,” wrote a five-star reviewer. “I used it as recommended and would say after about four weeks I noticed some growth and length. My mother who had almost no eyelashes uses the product and her eyelashes have grown 110 [per cent]! “


Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Boost Serum, Amazon Australia, $ 12.47 (RRP $ 24.95)

At the opposite end of the price spectrum is this budget choice from Maybelline. Lash conditioning formula contains arginine and provitamin B5 to strengthen lashes, prevent hair loss and make them soft, shiny and supple.

Reviewers have noted that the main strength of this serum is to create stronger, healthier lashes with the added bonus of increased fullness or length. “For the price, after just over a month of infrequent application, my lashes look a lot fuller and they feel stronger,” wrote one five-star reviewer.


Mavala Suisse Double Lash Nutritional Treatment, Amazon Australia, $ 27.58

Another affordable option, the Mavala Switzerland treatment has more than 1,700 rave five-star reviews. Rich in vitamins and protein to strengthen, grow and protect lashes, as well as biolysate to hydrate and nourish, it promises noticeable results in 30 days – and reviewers say it keeps that promise.

“I have used this product for years and love it!” wrote one. “I have tried a lot of other inexpensive eyelash serums and this is still my [go-to]. I always get compliments on my long, thick lashes. It’s great if you also have brittle eyelashes from eyelash extensions.



You can make your eyelashes grow by applying eyelash serum every night. These serums contain a blend of ingredients designed to strengthen, nourish, and ultimately speed up the growth of your eyelashes – and they can do wonders for your brows too, if you’re hoping for that Brooke Shields fullness.


Eyelash serums usually come in a tube with a spool or applicator brush. The goal is to work the serum towards the roots of your lashes. The ones that come with a spoolie (similar to a mascara wand) also allow you to apply the serum down the length of your lashes to condition them.


As someone who has experimented with home remedies as well as a suitable serum, I can confirm that eyelash serums work – and much more effectively than a home remedy. Not only are they easier to apply, but they are also safer (many are certified dermatologists and ophthalmologists) and they give results much faster. Using the Eye of Horus Universal Eyebrow Lash Serum, I started seeing results in as little as 10 days.

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