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In his rental bathroom, Stockman chose to surround the mirror with a vibrating wall. “The design world is embracing ornamentation and thriving right now, which I’m thrilled about because it’s my natural inclination,” she explains. Stockman is particularly inspired by the house of Jean Cocteau on the Côte d’Azur. “He painted majestic, ancient figures and patterns on his walls to frame his shelves or doors,” she explains. “Cocteau brought the real-life, inhabited elements of a room into the context of his whimsical work of art, and the resulting effect was that the house itself became a work of art.” Seeking to replicate this “room as art” effect in her own space, Stockman painted a mural in her favorite hues, drawing inspiration from Mughal paintings covering the walls of Jaipur, India, as well as Audubon prints. spoonbill bird classics. “There’s something extremely liberating about rolling up your sleeves and painting directly on your wall,” she says. “It satisfies a primal childhood impulse to treat your walls like blank canvases.”

Revive a dock mirror with paint

You’d never know this dock mirror got its second life with metallic paint applied by designer Mallory Fletchall.

Photo: Mallory Fletchall/@reserve_home

Content Creator Mallory Fletchall from Book Home was thrilled when she finally tracked down an antique pier mirror that would fit perfectly between the living room windows of her Brooklyn apartment. However, she wasn’t exactly thrilled that she had been painted white at some point. “I noticed some of the original gilding in a few places, so we decided to uncover as much as we could,” she says. Using a combination of three Rub-N-Buff Colors, Fletchall was able to restore the mirror to its golden glory. “As soon as we did, the mirror looked like an original piece that came with the apartment,” she adds.

Enhance with a resin mold

Blogger Arin Jura uses a lavish DIY mirror to interest contemporary interiors.

Photo: Arin Jura/@arinsolange

Baroque-style resin molds adorn a once-basic rectangular mirror.

Photo: Arin Jura/@arinsolange

St. Louis-based blogger Arin Jura added major punch to a simple mirror, proving that even the most basic pieces can be turned into stylish accent pieces. The first step was frame the mirror. Jura mounted a frameless mirror on scrap wood for added stability. She also added the hardware to the back, then cut another piece of wood in the shape of an arc, which she attached to the top of the mirror. “We made sure to leave extra space above the mirror on the wood so we could add decorative elements above the mirror, and it was an inexpensive way to add height,” she says. Jura then used decorative trim to build a frame for the mirror, added two ornate pieces on top, and created other small fancy pieces using resin molds, which she then attached with hot glue. Jura suggests painting the mirror gold but then finishing the piece with Rub-N-Buff for an aged look.


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