5 best projection screens for home cinema



If you already own a projector, a projection screen should be the first item on your shopping list. These projection screens play an important role in enhancing the overall home theater experience. At the same time, some screens can be easily folded up and put away for future use.

5 best projection screens for home cinema

So, if you are someone who often watches movies on their projector, here are the best projection screens for home theater. But before that,

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1. Taotique film projection screen

Taotique film projection screen

If you are looking for an affordable screen that you can use occasionally, the Taotique Film Projection Screen is a good choice. This one is a tiny 84 inch screen that manages to put a decent picture on your wall. Plus, the 16: 9 aspect ratio helps create real movie-like vibes.

Compared to white walls, the colors are better and more impactful. Of course, it all depends on the power of your projector. However, it performs its best in low light environments.

This screen travels the line of reflection between thin and thick fabric. It is easy to fold and store. It comes with wall hooks, which you can stick to the walls. Once done, all you need to do is hang the screen on the hooks.

The company claims the screen is wrinkle-resistant, although some users have disputed this claim. Nonetheless, a fast steam iron solves the whole problem of wrinkles.

2. VIVO Portable Outdoor Projector Screen

VIVO Portable Outdoor Projector Screen

The Vivo projection screen comes with a neat stand which makes it ideal for use both outdoors and indoors. It has a 4: 3 aspect ratio. But the good thing is that you can adjust the height of the screen as per your preference.

This projection screen has a matte coating. Naturally, this helps to project a more precise image on the screen. Vivo claims a viewing angle of 120 degrees.

It has its limits. For example, since it does not have a mechanized roller, the height must be adjusted manually.

On the other hand, the tripod base is strong and sturdy and can hold the screen without any problem. However, the overall layout limits the portability of the screen to some extent.

3. HYZ projector screen with stand

HYZ projector screen with stand

Another projection screen with a stand is that of HYZ. It is a front projection screen with easily adjustable height settings. The highlight of this screen is its massive size. When unfolded to its full capacity, just fill the space for a true cinematic experience.

Again, there is no motor inside and you will have to do the job manually. Fortunately, the screen is easily rewritten. You have to unhook it from the hook at the bottom.

It’s easy to set up, and many users have pointed this out in their reviews. It’s light. You can carefully pack the stand and screen in a bag. This adds to the portability factor.

The HYZ projector screen works best in low light. It projects impressive image quality for the price. So if you want to watch a bunch of movies from your childhood on your patio, this is the screen you should definitely try.

4. Elite Screens Manual Series

Elite Screens Manual Series

The Elite Screens projection screen is designed for indoor use. It’s a wall-mounted screen, and unlike the Taotique screen, it offers a neat look. It does away with the shiny hooks and eyelets and instead packs a neat bar at the top. It supports both 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D. The latter ensures that you can watch 3D content in all its glory.

The screen can be lowered via a cord. And the automatic locking mechanism gives you a wide range of height adjustments. A smooth and easy retraction mechanism further accompanies this.

The screen has a textured surface and projects crisp images with almost precise color and saturation.

The installation process is easy and straightforward. In addition, the screen is light and can be mounted on a few screws.

5. Akia Screens motorized projector screen

Akia Screens Motorized Projector Screen

The Akia Screens projection screen takes things to the next level. Not only does it support Active 3D or 4K video, but it also incorporates a motorized motor. The height of the screen can be controlled remotely, and that’s a big plus. Naturally, this makes it convenient to run it for a long time.

The motor is fast and quiet and does its job as advertised. It is a wall mounted projection screen for indoor use. The good thing is that it’s wide enough and gives you all the feel of a home theater.

This projection screen is popular on Amazon and people love it for its crisp projection. The colors are precise and rich, and many users have praised this feature.

Naturally, the Akia Screens projection screen is a bit pricey than its counterparts above. But the mechanized engine and sleek design make up for it.

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