343 Industries explores cosmetics and in-game purchases for Halo Infinite



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Photo courtesy of 343 Industries

343 Industries has released another “Inside Infinite,” their monthly developer update. As with each update, this one has a specific focus. 343 Industries introduced the new challenge system and subsequent rewards found thereafter. And they also shared the different ways players can earn cosmetics and rewards.

You can read more about their Big Team Battle philosophy here.

The first question for many is how much is it going to cost, and 343 Industries has kept tight control over the purchase price of in-game cosmetics. But it’s really a system in place. Here are the listed ways to earn in-game cosmetics and rewards.

343 Industries is investing heavily in several systems that allow players to earn goods, not just your typical battle pass and in-game store. In the development post, they showed an example of 20 weekly challenges players might have.

If players complete all of this within a specific time frame, they will be given an Ultimate Challenge which has a specific reward.

This means players could earn cosmetics once a week without ever spending any money on a battle pass or in the store. The Halo Infinite Tech Preview will begin September 23-26 and continue the following weekend, September 30-October 3.



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