$ 30 off for a limited time



You might have seen this cute pink casserole dish on social media, helping home chefs stay tickled pink as they cook their gourmet meals. Now, there has never been a better time to buy the stove display of your dreams.

Our Place’s unique Always Pan is hugely successful, not least for its stunning color scheme, non-toxic, non-stick ceramic coating (which is still light) and, possibly the biggest selling point – the superstar’s ability to replace eight kitchen utensils.

Until October 18, you can save $ 30 on the dish at the regular price of $ 145. As a versatile frying pan, sauté pan, steamer, skillet, gravy dish, saucepan, non-stick skillet, spatula and spoon rest, we guarantee you get your money’s worth.

In addition, the Always Pan is compatible with all hobs, including induction. And, with the included stainless steel steamer basket and pouring spouts, it’s every cook’s dream.

No one likes messes either, so the handy spouts on the sides of the pot are * the chef’s kiss *. Moreover, you can buy the bamboo steamer basket to satisfy all your dumplings and veg nights.

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