25 products that work so well



For those who are fans of the Bar Keepers Friend Classic Cleaner and Polish, this gives the same results, but in a pre-mixed formula for faster cleansing. It works well against rust stains, tarnish, mineral deposits, soap scum and interior and exterior dirt, and is particularly effective on the following surfaces: stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper alloys, aluminum, ceramic , porcelain, glass, Corian. Recommended for use in the kitchen (sinks, cookware, hobs and exteriors, oven door windows, stone-free countertops and plates for polishing knife marks), bathroom (sinks, tubs, showers , faucets, toilets, tiles and grout) and outside (rust stains, grilles, vehicles, siding and sports equipment).

Promising results: “I was so disappointed when I scratched my pretty white sink with pots and pans. Thought I needed to replace it or try sanding it down and refinishing it somehow but bought this stuff as a last ditch effort to fix it takes a little elbow grease to get them make it disappear, the scratches don’t just fade away. But if you rub them for a few minutes, they melt pretty quickly. After two turns my sink looks almost new It also worked on a few mineral stains in my tub that I thought were permanent after the gentle scrub failed to remove them. Again, a little bit of that stuff, the scouring side of a blue sponge, a little bit of effort and they’re gone! “-Dan Borden

Get a two-pack from Amazon for $ 17.



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