2022 Toyota Tundra Owners Share Confusion Over Early Brake Rotor Service


A brake rotor is the part of the brake assembly that the caliper grips onto, thereby stopping it and slowing the car. It is usually a solid piece of machined metal with a special ceramic coating or other synthetic protection to ensure a long, rust-free life. On a good truck driven daily, you can expect your rotors to last up to 70,000 miles and possibly more. If something goes wrong, you might just need a resurfacing, but rotors usually last a long time.

Most brake discs are made of iron with a ceramic coating to prevent rust. Usually, when heat and friction begin to eat away at the surface, the rotor surface ends up being uneven or may have hot spots. These end up preventing the truck from braking well and lead to longer braking distances and possibly even squealing.

One thing though is that the brakes last a long time. So I was surprised when Luciano Strinati posted on the Toyota Tundra 2022+ Facebook group saying, “Reached 10,000 miles with no problem. However, I have to replace both rotors before this weekend. I don’t feel too good about it.

Here is the problem with the brake discs. Even if your truck weighs over 2 tons and is very heavy, a solid piece of machined metal should be able to stop your car for over 10,000 miles. Luciano even said he didn’t tow anything or do any heavy driving. The question here is, why did it fail so soon? Let’s take a look and see what other owners have said.

Wallace Casey said: “My previous two Tundras had warped rotor issues. Nothing new and went to the secondary market and had no issues. Replacement rotors for a 2022 Toyota Tundra range from $80 to $400. Personally, I wouldn’t put anything aftermarket on my truck unless it was tested, but who knows? Perhaps the Chinese have stepped up their aftermarket auto parts game.

Even if you’ve replaced rotors on previous Tundras, for a reliable truck like the Tundra, you shouldn’t have to replace rotors after just a few thousand miles. It means one of two things. First, you drove it like a go-kart. Or two, you towed an overweight trailer. But would this service be covered by your bumper-to-bumper warranty?

Unfortunately, this is not something your warranty would cover. According to a Toyota dealer, “Components of your car that need to be repaired or replaced because they have worn out from use are not covered by warranty.” Things like brakes, brake pads, filters, etc.

However, unless Toyota issues a recall on these Tundras specifically for their brake rotors, it may be a liability issue for Toyota. Also, according to another comment Luciano posted, he was told by a shop that Toyota was reducing the weight of these rotors for better gas mileage.

This may come as a surprise since the Tundra already gets terrible gas mileage (in terms of numbers). However, could that be the reason they need to be replaced at 10,000 miles? A heavy brake rotor means it is more tolerant of factors such as heat and friction. If I make a very heavy rotor out of durable metal, it will last longer than an aluminum rotor. Toyota could choose to make carbon fiber brakes that not only last longer but also weigh less, but are very expensive.

Lamborghinis use carbon fiber brakes and a set costs around $4,500-5,000. Imagine your Tundra with Lambo brakes. While Toyota should fix this problem, be sure to talk to your dealer about this warranty loophole that won’t cover your brake issue. No car, even sports car brakes, last less than 10,000 miles.

What do you think? Should Toyota Issue a Recall for the 2022 Toyota Tundra Due to Brake Issue? Let us know in the comments below.

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