1971 Fiat 500F Jolly Clone is our auction choice to bring a trailer


• This 1971 Fiat 500F Jolly clone on Bring a Trailer looks like the perfect vacation vehicle.

• It has wicker furniture for seating, basically a large beach towel for a roof, and no doors, but also, unfortunately, no cup holders.

• With six days until the auction ends on Thursday August 11, time is running out to move to a tropical location by the time you buy it.

If I had two tickets to heaven – hell, if I even had one – I’d want something cool to cruise there. cool might suggest something exotic like the red Ferrari 308GTS that Tom Selleck used to race around Hawaii in Magnum IP, I’m actually thinking of something just as Italian, although infinitely quieter. Step into this 1971 Fiat 500F Jolly conversion that’s currently up for auction on Bring a Trailer, which, as Car and driveris part of Hearst Autos.

If you’ve never heard of a Fiat 500 Jolly before, join the club. I’ve probably seen the quirky cruiser in some movie or another, but the first time I realized what I was looking at was today when I scrolled through this example on BaT’s website. I was immediately struck by its tan tasseled canopy, tiny whitewall tires and cheery orange paint job that perfectly encapsulates its namesake. A quick read of Wikipedia told me that the original Jolly versions of the Fiat 500 were custom built by design house Ghia. Story!

1971 fiat 500f jolly clone for sale on bring a trailer

Bring a trailer

The one being auctioned off in these photos isn’t a real Jolly, however, it’s a clone based on what was once a regular ’71 500F. While collectors will obviously care, I don’t care. I just want to buy it and ask the seller to ship it from his current home in Italy to somewhere warm and tropical where I can immediately retire and spend the rest of my days roaming around in paradise.

Of course this Jolly won’t get me anywhere in a hurry, not with its half-liter two-cylinder engine that probably has less horsepower than most farm stables, but that’s okay because I would only have time. I could also keep my left leg in shape by exercising its third pedal, but I can’t imagine going so fast that I’d ever need to hit the top gear with its four gears. Although it’s interesting to see what would happen if he were going 120 km/h (about 75 mph), the peak indicated by his speedo. With its super light curb weight and large fabric roof, could this Jolly Fiat turn into a flying Fiat? It’s probably best if no one finds out.

1971 fiat 500f jolly clone for sale on bring a trailer

Bring a trailer

My biggest complaint is that I don’t see any cup holders inside the buggy. Where am I supposed to secure my piña colada (non-alcoholic, of course)? Guess I’ll just have to hold the glass between my legs as I sit on the Jolly’s wicker furniture that replaces traditional seating. I’m not going to lie, this is my favorite feature. However, I would be lying if I said they look comfortable. Find another reason to keep this thing at a golf cart safe pace.

With six days until the auction ends on Thursday, August 11, this cheerful looking Fiat 500F currently has a high bid of $15,000. I would love one for myself, but that love mostly depends on where I can drive it. A wonderful vacation vehicle? Absolutely. As your primary mode of transportation in Southeast Michigan? Not really.

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