11 best snowboard goggles for the 2021-22 season


OutdoorMaster is a new brand in the world of snowboarding gear, but it’s already made a name for itself. Their PRO ski goggles is a highly functional set of goggles for snowboarders. They are also offered at an excellent price. For this reason, this set of goggles is our best budget option for snowboarders looking to save money.

The OutdoorMaster PRO ski goggles come with a surprisingly robust feature set, considering the cost. The polycarbonate lenses of these glasses have a special coating which gives them resistance to UV and fogging. Meanwhile, a long elastic strap allows compatibility with virtually any helmet.

You also won’t need to sacrifice style for affordability. OutdoorMaster offers Ski Goggles PRO frames and lenses in a wide range of colors and VLT percentages. You cannot purchase all lenses with each frame, but additional lenses are sold separately. It also won’t be difficult to swap your old goals for new ones. These glasses include a system based on magnets allowing you to change glasses quickly and easily.

Of course, no set of goggles is perfect, and Amazon customers have encountered a few issues with the Ski Goggles PRO. In particular, the magnetic lens system can fail during lens adjustment or in the event of a major accident. There is also a risk of scratching the lenses, so it is best to treat them with care. Finally, while OutdoorMaster promotes these glasses as an OTG, at least one reviewer has encountered issues with wearing glasses under them. As a result, your glasses may need some modification.

Even with these drawbacks taken into account, the Ski Goggles PRO has built a solid reputation. By August 2021, they had maintained a 4.7 / 5 rating on Amazon, even after receiving 6,130 ratings! We are comfortable recommending this set of glasses to anyone who wants to save money on their equipment without skimping on quality.


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