10 tech products that aim to keep you healthy and safe


It is important to stay safe and healthy, which is never in dispute. While this involves getting enough sleep, exercising, eating a healthy diet, and adopting safe habits, there are plenty of tech products that can help. From devices that help clean the air of harmful bacteria to those that help contact emergency services in the event of an incident, these technological marvels run the gamut.

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Whether it’s for an adventurer, while working in the office or staying safe at home, there is a variety to choose from. Many items are great personal purchases while others would make thoughtful gifts.


Portable UV disinfectant

Phonesoap 3 UV disinfectant with a phone docked inside, on a white background.

Cell phones can be among the dirtiest devices as they are often left on public surfaces and touched and tapped constantly. This is why it is important to keep them clean.

Portable UV disinfectants from brands like Phonesoap aren’t just made for cellphones – many of them can also accommodate other small items that are often used on the go, like car keys, credit cards. and wireless headphones. Using UV rays, they cycle to remove germs and bacteria from the surface of the device.

Screen cleaners

Hand holding a Whoosh!  screen cleaner, by touching the nozzle.

For cell phones as well as other touch and non-touch devices, a screen cleaner not only makes the experience more enjoyable, removing smudges and fingerprints, but also preserves them from bacteria and germs.

Usually available as a spray, like the popular Whoosh! screen cleaners, spray a small amount on the screen and use a microfiber cloth to wipe the surface. It not only keeps the devices in top condition, but also helps kill germs. There are screen cleaners designed specifically for electronic devices without any harmful chemicals that can damage the protective coating.

Webcam privacy cover

A close-up of the Targus SpyGuard webcam cover on a laptop webcam.

Privacy is of the utmost importance when it comes to going online, especially with devices with cameras. While the best webcams are popular choices for Zoom calls, there is a webcam built into most laptops. So the person on the other end of the phone is visible at all times if someone manages to hack the computer. It’s pretty straightforward to stick a piece of paper on a webcam to make sure that there aren’t any prying eyes hacking into devices and peering inside. But there are webcam privacy protections that make it easier.

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They sit above the webcam and open and close as needed to keep the camera covered when not in use for a video call, then reveal it when needed. There are tons of options, from basic black and white to adorable kid-themed animals. Targus has the neat Spy Guard webcam cover, which comes in a three-pack.

High-tech facial mask

A man wearing a black tank top and the Airpop Active Halo smart mask, leaning in as if he is racing.

A high-tech mask like the Airpop Active + Halo Smart Mask goes beyond the usual facial protection. It also uses a built-in sensor to give advice on breathing rate and level of protection against harmful airborne bacteria in real time. It works with an iOS or Android app where the data can be viewed at any time.

Learn about the local air quality, whether at a local park or at the grocery store, and find out how many particles the mask has kept out. It uses replaceable filters and comes with four.

Portable air purifier

LG Puricare portable mini air purifier sitting on a counter next to a cup of coffee.

The best air purifiers are often used around the home to keep the air clean from dust, dander, and other harmful air pollutants. But there are also portable personal air purifiers that can come in handy while on the go. Use one on a restaurant patio, for example, or even on a desk in the office.

LG’s PuriCare mini air purifier, for example, is small enough to fit in a purse or backpack and has two fans. Use the app to learn more about air quality and when the filter needs to be replaced.

GPS satellite messaging

Hand holding the Spot Gen4 satellite messaging device on a hill, water in view below.

For the adventurous, devices like the SPOT Gen4 GPS Satellite Messenger can provide the peace of mind that someone is doing well while out in the wild. If there is no cellular service, the device at hand can reach using the Globalstar satellite network, advising of the location or if assistance is needed.

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In addition to the recording features, there is also GPS location tracking, SOS features, and more. Membership is required, but for hiking, mountaineering, and other adventure activities, it may be worth staying safe.

Smartwatch or fitness tracker

The Apple Watch Series 7 connected watch on a white background, showing the SOS function on the screen.

Many smartwatches like the Apple Watch Series 7, which has some great feature upgrades, include features like drop detection. If it detects a fall of the wearer, it will automatically contact the predefined numbers on a contact list or the emergency services.

Watches like this, and those from other brands like Fitbit and Garmin, also have health-related features like the ability to take an ECG, check blood oxygen saturation and respiratory rate, use mindfulness activities to focus on mental health and to get other specific health information.

Blood pressure monitor

A white-haired man wearing the Withings BP Connect smart blood pressure monitor, detaching it from his arm.

Chances are, every visit to the doctor will include a blood pressure check, and having one at home can help. This is to check blood pressure to make sure it isn’t rising too high or falling too low for some unexplained reasons. When considering a smart, high-tech option, like the Withings BPM Connect, all of that data can be captured in an app and stored for reference.

The information can indicate trends and give the doctor an indication of the overall readings, not just at the time of the visit. It could also help detect problems or risk factors based on historical data that can be used when consulting with a healthcare professional.

Carbon monoxide detector

Along with a smoke detector and one of the best smart thermostats, a carbon monoxide detector is a useful device to have around the house. And smart detectors like the Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarms alert you over the phone if something goes wrong. If it’s just toast, the alarm can be turned off right from the phone rather than finding a book or other object to frantically wave on the sensor like with traditional models.

It not only sets off an alarm, but uses a human voice to indicate what is wrong, such as smoke detected below. It can detect smoke and whether it is from fast-burning or smoldering fires.

Sleep headphones

A woman asleep in bed wearing SleepPhones, a man next to her deeply asleep.

A big part of a healthy lifestyle is getting enough sleep, but that is easier said than done for some. A good pair of earplugs can help, but sometimes soothing sounds can do the trick. This is where sleep headphones come in handy. There are options like SleepPhones, which are built into a comfortable fabric headband, playing music from a phone connected via Bluetooth.

There are also products like the Bose SleepBuds II, which fit into your ears and fit snugly while playing white noise or other sounds, from the rustle of leaves to the crackle of fire, to help keep you going. fall asleep and get some much-needed quality rest.

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