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Outside of references to science and cheesy pop-culture, The Big Bang Theory was well known for his dramatic romantic relationships. From the very close Howard and Bernadette to the adorable goofy Sheldon and Amy, every relationship was special in its own way.

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While each of these relationships was fun, some were more successful than others. Success in relationships on The Big Bang Theory it wasn’t just how long the couple had been together or even if they were married. It extended to other things like how much they loved and supported each other through good or bad like illness and the death of a loved one.

9 Howard & Bernadette


Their love story didn’t get the same attention as Leonard and Sheldon’s, but Howard and Bernadette’s relationship on TBBT was the most realistic. After a tentative debut in Season 3’s “The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary”, their relationship grew more serious until they finally married and later had two children.

When it comes to successful relationships, Howard and Bernadette ticked a lot of boxes. She called him out on his scary behavior and he grew up on it a lot. They supported each other during Howard’s vasectomy and Bernadette was in bed rest during her second pregnancy. When he lost his mother, she helped him out. Having weathered so many storms together without going their separate ways, there is no doubt that they are the most successful couple.

8 Sheldon and Amy

The ‘Shamy’ took a while to get to a point where it was an official relationship. Despite the slow start, Sheldon and Amy stood the test of time, and by season 12 they were married and had a Nobel Prize to their name. The way they worked together to secure their Nobel Prize was one of the things that highlighted the couple’s growth on the show.

Amy has changed dramatically during her relationship with Sheldon and him too. She was happier, with more people who really cared about her, and he was more considerate. For example, when Pemberton and Campbell suggested removing Amy to improve their chances of winning the Nobel Prize, he refused to do so, even though it was something he had always wanted. Although Sheldon shows off those growing moments that highlight their success as a couple, he often felt like Amy was his babysitter and not someone he had a romantic relationship with.and he treated her that way too.

7 Leonard and Penny

Leonard Hoftstadter and Penny in The Big Bang Theory

As the central love story of the series, audiences got to see Leonard and Penny’s relationship more than anyone. They had a pretty good friendship which turned into a moderately successful relationship, with a lot of drama between the two. Even though they don’t have much in common, they have managed to stick together.

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Leonard and Penny’s relationship has had its ups and downs, thanks to which they both improved. She made him come out of his shell so that he was less shy and afraid to try new things and he helped her become more mature. Sometimes, however, it seemed like Leonard hadn’t completely escaped the friends zone and behaved more like friends with benefits than a romantic couple.

6 Raj & Anu

Raj and Anu smile at each other in The Big Bang Theory

Initially, Raj and Anu were a settled match, but after a while they took a break from marriage and got to know each other better first. They didn’t have much in common either and some TBBT fans thought Raj and Anu were doomed from the start. But for a while, there was hope for Raj to finally settle down with someone.

Of Raj’s many relationships, the one with Anu resulted in the most emotional growth for him. Before that, he came out of his relationships with the mentality that he was not kind and desperate to hang on to the next woman he was dating. After Anu, he made the decision not to follow her to London just because he was afraid of being alone. So, as the relationship came to an end, she was able to help Raj in his personal growth.

5 Stuart & Denise

Stuart and Denise at home in The Big Bang Theory

After spending seasons watching Stuart constantly pull the small end of the stick, it was nice to see him finally win. By the end of the series, his comic book store was booming and he had a good relationship with his co-worker, Denise.

They didn’t have a lot of screen time, but what little they were shown marked some important milestones for their relationship that showed her success. After an awkward moment where Denise subtly suggested moving in together, they had an honest conversation about how fast their relationship was going. They also had a common love and understanding for the comics and their relationship was still strong by the end of the series.

4 Leonardo and Priya

Priya’s relationship was another major relationship on the show, which lasted almost an entire season. Both were smart and successful in their careers, and although Raj initially opposed the relationship, they remained steadfast.

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Leonard and Priya were a couple that looked good on paper, but digging deep into their relationship, it was clear that they weren’t made to last. Priya kept trying to change Leonard; from his clothes to his glasses. She didn’t really accept the things he liked, especially comics and video games, and also insisted on keeping their relationship a secret from her parents.

3 Raj & Émilie

Raj and Emily sit together

Although this is his longest relationship, Raj’s relationship with Emily has not gone very well. Sure, they’ve come a long way together, but Raj was unhappy half the time. When they broke up, Emily also admitted that she was put off by her reliance on her family’s wealth.

TBBT fans were hoping Raj and Emily would go the distance, and for a while it looked like they would. However, their relationship was based on too many pretensions on both sides for it to work and be successful. Raj only stayed in the relationship as long as he did because he didn’t want to be single and alone.

2 Raj and Lucie

Raj and Lucy on the Big Bang Theory

Lucy and Raj had one of the cutest dating on The Big Bang Theory after Raj’s brilliant speech in the comic book store about being single. They had a few dates after that and learned more about each other, including Raj having Selective Mutism and Lucy having severe social anxiety.

The two were honest about their challenges early in their relationship and this open communication could have helped them build a strong relationship. However, later Raj became insistent that Lucy meet her friends and the pressure was too much for her, so they broke up. After their breakup, Raj was able to talk to women without alcohol, so at least one good thing came out of the relationship.

1 Zack & Penny

The Big Bang Theory - Penny's Ex - Zack Johnson

Zack and Penny’s relationship mirrored his and Leonard’s in its active and inactive nature. It was hardly a love-filled relationship and even Penny admitted to getting back with Zack so she wasn’t alone on New Years Eve. They also got married in Las Vegas, although they thought it was. was a fake marriage. Ironically, Penny’s “real” marriage to Leonard also took place in Vegas.

For most of her relationship with Zack, Penny still harbored feelings for Leonard. On top of that, she felt that Zack didn’t challenge her much intellectually, one of the many reasons the couple failed.

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