10 home gadgets to make your home cleaner and healthier



The advent of technology has made it easier than ever to maintain a healthy lifestyle at home. With the many devices available in the market, you can achieve your health goals and build a healthy environment.

Check out these home technology solutions to add to your living space to make it safer for you and your family.

1. Sleep tracking

sleeping woman with phone on bed

There are days when you wake up feeling revitalized. Other times you feel like you haven’t slept.

It’s not always clear what makes a good or bad night’s sleep, but a sleep tracker can offer some useful information about your sleep. Depending on the device, a sleep monitor can provide you with valuable information, such as your heart rate, breathing rate, body movements, and temperature, as well as how much time you spent awake and asleep.

Most trackers collect all of this data in reports that you can view the next morning. You can also track this data over time to see changes in your sleep patterns and the factors that might affect them. Some of the best sleep trackers have options for creating sleep goals and setting smart alarms to wake you up during the lightest phase of your sleep cycle.

2. Air fryer

Trying to cut down on fat without sacrificing the fried taste? So get yourself an air fryer. An air fryer is like a small convection oven. It uses powerful super-hot air to give your food a delicious layer of crispiness without the buckets of oil needed for deep frying.


With this device, you only need a tablespoon or less of oil to make your fried dishes. Wi-Fi air fryers also come with apps that allow you to remotely control and monitor your food.

The app offers plenty of handy options like cooking presets, timers, and even meal planning. It’s the perfect solution for any health conscious person who always wants to enjoy their favorite fries without all the guilt.

3. Water filtration system

boy in kitchen drinking water

Ingestion of contaminated water may have adverse effects. Make your home safer by using a filtration system that minimizes harmful impurities in the water, such as bacteria, sediment, and heavy metals.

This ensures that the water is properly filtered before it reaches your cup. With a water filtration system, the water you get straight from your kitchen sink is as good, if not better, than plastic bottles.

4. Smart pill dispenser

When prescription drugs are not taken as directed, it can have major repercussions, such as prolonged symptoms, medical complications, and reduced quality of life. The problem with the pills is that they can be difficult to follow, especially for older people.

Smart pill organizers can help you stay on top of your pill prescriptions. When it’s time to take your meds, these gadgets will alert you and tell you which ones to take. Almost all of the best pill organizers can also notify designated custodians when pills have not been taken, limit access to daily doses, and remind you when a refill is needed.

5. Smart scale

person on a digital scale

A smart scale is a must have in any home, whether you’re trying to achieve a specific fitness goal or just want to understand your body composition better. Unlike a traditional scale, a smart scale can offer more than just an accurate measurement of your body weight.

Depending on the model, your smart scale can tell you your body mass index (BMI), body composition, and even your heart rate. It can also record all of these measurements, so you can receive a full picture of your vital signs as they change over time. Some models are even compatible with Google Fit and Apple Health.

6. Automatic trash compactor

While trash compactors might not be at the top of your list when it comes to keeping your home clean, having one in your kitchen is worth the investment. These machines are designed to reduce your waste volume to a fraction of what it normally would be, with some models reducing it by up to 80%.

As a result, you’ll take out the trash less often and reduce the amount of trash going to the landfill. This simplifies waste disposal and the grouping feature also saves you money on garbage bags.

7. Connected thermometer

person holding thermometer in bed

A classic thermometer can do the trick. But if you want to take temperature readings to the next level, get a smart thermometer. In addition to accurately measuring your body temperature, smart thermometers can store data, be connected to health apps, and offer sound advice when you’re feeling unwell.

Most smart thermometers also have mobile apps that allow you to record your temperature readings. It is a great way to keep track of your health data, so that you can check the progress of your disease. You can even share this information with your doctor to help them make a more accurate diagnosis.

8. Smart air purifier

Now that you are spending more time indoors, it is important to think about the air quality in your home. Pollutants, such as pet hair, smoke, and even cleaning sprays can cause sneezing, itchy eyes, and headaches.

Smart air purifiers ensure that there is clean air in every room in your home. These devices not only clean the air and remove unpleasant odors, but also provide you with information on how the air quality is changing in your home throughout the day.

Most smart air purifiers on the market today also have Wi-Fi, mobile apps, and integration with digital assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

9. Smart exercise bikes

woman exercising on stationary bike

Smart exercise bikes are great investments if you want direction on your fitness journey and prefer to work out at home. Although they come with price tags and steep membership fees, they can be cheaper than long-term gym memberships.

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Most smart bikes come with a library of lessons from knowledgeable instructors. You can stream these workout videos on the built-in touchscreen. If you prefer to watch on your mobile device, the bike can be connected to a companion app.

10. Robot vacuum cleaner

These days you don’t have to move an inch to clean your floors. Just grab a robot vacuum, set cleaning schedules, and let it work its magic. Before you know it, you’ll have a freshly cleaned house.

Unlike many traditional vacuums, robot vacuums do not need bags to pick up debris. Instead, they have an easy-to-remove trash can that can be thrown right into a trash can. Most robots also include a cleaning function.

The best part is that some models can be controlled through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. So if you are too lazy to press some buttons in the bot app, you can just ask your digital assistant to activate it for you.

Build a home focused on health and wellness

Home technology products not only make your life more convenient, they also help extend your lifespan. With these devices, you can create a healthier living space and lifestyle for you and your family.

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