10 healthier snack brands that will satisfy your sweet tooth


When it comes to choosing healthier snack brands, ingredients play an important role in our decision. Snack company Simple Mills puts ingredients first. The company even states, “We believe that if you don’t recognize an ingredient, chances are your body won’t recognize it either.” We love that sentiment, and for that reason, Simple Mills deserves to be included in our roundup of healthier snack brands. A mixture of seed and nut flour like flax, cashew, watermelon, and sunflower is a common ingredient the brand relies on, along with coconut oil, which can have a reasonable place. in many diets (via Harvard Medical School).

Simple Mills sells an incredible variety of snacks, baking mixes and frostings, but when it comes to curbing your sweet tooth, we focus on pre-made dessert offerings. Simple Mills sells cookies and Sweet Thins, a crunchy treat that will satisfy your sugar craving and provide a delicious dessert you can eat anytime. If we had to pick a favorite, baked chocolate chip cookies have a soft spot in our hearts – pun intended. These cookies have less sugar than your average baked treat, but you’d never guess because they’re perfectly sweet.


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